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  • Joanne Wadden

    Joanne Wadden

    Joanne Wadden recently completed a Masters in Sociology at York University. Her final paper focused on the academic work of indigenous scholars in regards to identity, subjectivity and the politics of recognition.

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  • Brad Walchuk

    Brad Walchuk

    Brad Walchuk lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and works as a staff representative for CUPE Local 3906, representing roughly 3,000 precariously employed academic workers at McMaster University. He holds an MA in political science from Brock University, where he still occasionally teaches in the department of labour studies.

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  • Harsha Walia

    Harsha Walia

    Harsha Walia is a South Asian activist and writer based in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories. She is active in a variety of social movements, particularly migrant justice, anti-racism, Indigenous solidarity, Palestine solidarity and anti-imperialist struggles. In her organizing over the past decade, she has prioritized support for Indigenous communities. Her writings have appeared in alternative and mainstream magazines, journals and newspapers.

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  • Trevor Waurechen

    Trevor Waurechen

    Trevor Waurechen is an illustrator and comics author. Currently living in his third Canadian province, his work deals with the subtleties of human interaction.

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  • Calvin White

    Calvin White

    Calvin White is a B.C. essayist and mental health counsellor. His poetry book, We run faster with the deer, was published by Turnstone Press in 2001.

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  • Olivia Wilkins

    Olivia Wilkins

    Olivia Wilkins is a research scientist and editor, living and working in New York City.

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  • James Wilt

    James Wilt

    James Wilt is a freelance journalist and master’s student based in Winnipeg. He has also written for The Narwhal, VICE Canada, Canadian Dimension, and the National Observer, and is working on a book about public transit. He tweets at @james_m_wilt.

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  • Meagan Wohlberg

    Meagan Wohlberg

    Meagan Wohlberg is an award-winning journalist based out of Fort Smith, NWT (Thebacha, Denendeh). The former editor of the Northern Journal, Meagan is now a freelance writer, researcher, and grassroots communications consultant.

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  • Jessica C.Y. Wong

    Jessica C.Y. Wong

    Jessica C.Y. Wong studied carbon cycling in streams for her MSc research at the University of Toronto and now works as a freelance writer.

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  • Indymedia Montreal 2016 Convergence Working Group

    Indymedia Montreal 2016 Convergence Working Group

    The Indymedia Montreal 2016 Convergence Working Group is an international caucus of media organizers who convened around the August meetings of the World Social Forum and the World Forum of Free Media in Montreal. The working group also initiated an action protesting the mass denial of Global South visas for forum participants by the Canadian government. Contact: converge@la.indymedia.org.

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