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  • Maryam Adrangi

    Maryam Adrangi

    Maryam Adrangi is a researcher, writer, and organizer involved in struggles for environmental justice, Indigenous sovereignty and anti-war. She is an anti-capitalist who believes in you.

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  • Afuwa


    Afuwa is a visual artist, youth art facilitator, and writer who uses myth and constructions of identity to question just about everything.

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  • Shaina Agbayani

    Shaina Agbayani

    Shaina Agbayani is a queerest filipinx conjurer of rootcare and pagsibol, grateful to be based in Dish With One Spoon treaty territory.

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  • Austin Ahenakew

    Austin Ahenakew

    Austin (The Noble Savage) Ahenakew has a unique style that weaves rhythm into storytelling, bringing an urgent truth from the perspective of an Indigenous youth. Austin brings an unapologetic approach to Indigenous struggles, abuse, and PTSD, and shines light on things often unseen. (Headshot by Riley Eashappie)

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  • Asam Ahmad

    Asam Ahmad

    Asam Ahmad is a poor, working-class writer, poet, and community organizer. His writing appears in CounterPunch, Black Girl Dangerous, Youngist, and Colorlines. His Tumblr is asamaccchhhmad.tumblr.com and his Twitter is @asamwrites. He lives in Toronto.

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  • Tara Alami

    Tara Alami

    Tara Alami is a Palestinian organizer based in Tiohti:áke (so-called Montreal). She is a master’s research student in experimental medicine at McGill University and a writer. Her writing focuses on Palestinian national liberation and Zionist settler colonialism.

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  • Laurel Albina

    Laurel Albina

    Laurel Albina is a Canadian-born Palestinian-American writer and labour organizer. Her writing is influenced by her parents’ emigrations to Canada as a result of conflict and war. She lives in East Vancouver, B.C. with her partner and children.

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  • estefania alfonso falcon

    estefania alfonso falcon

    estefania alfonso falcon (they/he/she), a.k.a. yes, is a radical genderfluid queer cubanx migrant, poet, tattoo artist, and educator living between k’jipuktuk (Halifax) in Mi’kma’ki and Ouentironk (Lake Simcoe).

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  • Siku Allooloo

    Siku Allooloo

    Siku Allooloo is an Inuit/Taino writer from Denendeh (Northwest Territories). Her work incorporates inherited legacies of resistance, continuity, and creative expression to support the revitalization and empowerment of Indigenous communities. Siku holds a BA in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies from the University of Victoria.

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  • Hani al Moulia

    Hani al Moulia

    Hani al Moulia is a freelance photographer and student in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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  • Georgina Alonso

    Georgina Alonso

    Georgina Alonso  is a PhD candidate in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. She is a mixed Afro-Cuban and white Canadian settler who grew up in Grey County, Ontario. 

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  • Zainab Amadahy

    Zainab Amadahy

    Zainab Amadahy is a mother, writer and activist. Her publications include the novel The Moons of Palmares (Sister Vision Press, 1998) and an essay in the anthology Strong Women Stories (Sumach Press, 2003). She also co-authored “Indigenous Peoples and Black People in Canada: Settlers or Allies?” in Breaching the Colonial Contract (Springer, 2010).

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  • Reuel Amdur

    Reuel Amdur

    Reuel Amdur is a social worker and freelancer living in Val-des-Monts, Quebec.

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  • Fitsum Areguy

    Fitsum Areguy

    Fitsum Areguy is a writer and scholar-activist looking critically at identity, state violence, and public health issues. His graduate work focuses on how Black and Indigenous youth on the Haldimand Tract use storytelling, place-making, and relational practices to resist conquest.

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  • Emma Arkell

    Emma Arkell

    Emma Arkell is a multi-media journalist whose work focuses on labour, social movements, and cities. She is currently based in so-called Vancouver. 

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  • Courtney Arlt

    Courtney Arlt

    Courtney Arlt is an Indigenous woman from the Peepeekisis Cree nation on Treaty 4 territory. She is an undergraduate student at the University of Regina studying Human Justice and a mother of three.

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  • Saibruntha Arunthavashanmuganathan

    Saibruntha Arunthavashanmuganathan

    Saibruntha Arunthavashanmuganathan is a Carnatic singer, composer, and theatre director. She has performed and collaborated with artists around the world and continues her lifelong passion for Carnatic music, eagerly looking forward to spreading this ancient art.

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  • Hannah Askew

    Hannah Askew

    Hannah Askew is an instructor in the Aboriginal Justice Studies Program at the Native Education College in Vancouver.

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