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  • Paula Razuri

    Paula Razuri

    Paula Razuri is a freelance writer and photographer in Tkaronto. She dreams of being an anonymous novelist one day.

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  • Anna Reitman

    Anna Reitman

    Anna Reitman has worked as an adult educator and administrator in Canada, Uganda and Afghanistan.

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  • Ashley Renders

    Ashley Renders

    Ashley Renders is a freelance journalist, producer, and editor based in Toronto. She has covered big debates shaping the natural resources industry for major publications, including the National Post, VICE News, and Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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  • Joelle Renstrom

    Joelle Renstrom

    Joelle Renstrom lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she teaches literature, writing and communications. Her work has appeared in Carousel, the Allegheny Review, Sycamore Review, the New York Inquirer and Sonic Clash.

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  • Sophia Reuss

    Sophia Reuss

    Sophia Reuss lives in New York City. She also works as an editor for rabble.ca.

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  • Chelsey Rhodes

    Chelsey Rhodes

    Chelsey Rhodes is a writer, researcher, activist, and soon-to-be PhD student who spent several years working and consulting with NGOs and humanitarian organizations in Canada, the U.S., U.K., and Malawi.

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  • Emily Riddle

    Emily Riddle

    Emily Riddle is nehiyaw and a member of the Alexander First Nation in Treaty 6. She once again lives on her own territories in amiskwaciwâskahikan. She is a researcher, writer, and library worker, who sits on the board of advisers for the Yellowhead Institute, a First Nations-led think tank based out of Ryerson University.

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  • Patrick Lynn Rivers

    Patrick Lynn Rivers

    Patrick Lynn Rivers is a political scientist who co-directs Afield (www.afield.ca), a design research practice based in Cape Town, Chicago, and Montréal.

    View entries by Patrick »

  • Anna Bianca Roach

    Anna Bianca Roach

    Anna Bianca Roach is a freelance journalist who covers social movements, gender, and labour from a leftist perspective. You can find more about her and her work at www.annabiancaroach.com.

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  • Shantala Robinson

    Shantala Robinson

    Shantala Robinson is an illustrator and designer based in Vancouver. Her illustrations blend traditional artistic elements from many different cultures.

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  • Nedra Rodrigo

    Nedra Rodrigo

    Nedra Rodrigo is the co-founder of the Tamil Studies Symposium at York University and the bilingual, inclusive, Tamil-centric art space that is the Tam Fam Lit Jam. She is a published poet, translator, and academic; organizer of community workshops; and curator of cultural events. 

    View entries by Nedra »

  • Megan Rohrer

    Megan Rohrer

    Megan Rohrer is a pastor living in San Francisco who serves four Lutheran congregations and one Episcopal congregation.

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  • Maya Rolbin-Ghanie

    Maya Rolbin-Ghanie

    Maya Rolbin-Ghanie is an activist and freelance writer based in Montreal.

    View entries by Maya »

  • Rhea Rollman

    Rhea Rollman

    Rhea Rollmann is a writer, editor, and broadcaster based in St. John’s, NL. She’s a founding editor with TheIndependent.ca, a contributing editor with PopMatters, and program director at CHMR-FM, a community radio station. She has a background in labour organizing and queer and trans activism.

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  • Jordana Rosenfeld

    Jordana Rosenfeld

    Jordana Rosenfeld is a writer and settler on Shawnee land.

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