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  • Jill MacIntyre

    Jill MacIntyre

    Jill MacIntyre is a soon-to-be masters student in geography from Prince Edward Island who’s passionate about climate justice, food sovereignty, and the ocean.

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  • André Magnan

    André Magnan

    André Magnan is an assistant professor in the department of sociology and social studies at the University of Regina. His research interests include the political economy of the global food system, the Canadian Wheat Board, and food regimes.

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  • Samantha Magnus

    Samantha Magnus

    When she isn’t moonlighting for magazines, Samantha Magnus hosts news radio at the University of Victoria and leads fitness classes.

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  • Heather Magusin

    Heather Magusin

    Heather Magusin is a master of arts student at UBC Okanagan. Her research uses sociology and photography to examine the influence of public discourse on complex social-environmental phenomena, from wildfire management to urban mobility. She is also an avid cyclist, poet, and traveller.

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  • Xicotencatl Maher Lopez

    Xicotencatl Maher Lopez

    Xicotencatl Maher Lopez is a Two-Spirit Tlaxcaltec Nahua and Newfie, based out of Treaty 3 territory. He is an advocate for Indigenous sovereignty, and when he is not writing about Indigenous issues he is an artist and Che Guevara enthusiast.

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  • Abdul Malik

    Abdul Malik

    Abdul Malik is a photographer and writer based out of Edmonton. His work has been featured in publications across the world. You can find more of his work at abdulymalik.photo, and through his podcast, Kino Lefter.

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  • Haseena Manek

    Haseena Manek

    Haseena Manek is a journalist based in Halifax.

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  • Sarah Mann

    Sarah Mann

    Sarah Mann is a writer, artist, scholar, and activist from Sudbury, ON. She is a member of Maybe Too Loaded, a community-based, mixed-media arts collective, and of the editorial team at Working It, a zine by and for sex workers. Her work often focuses on poor people’s cultures, mental illness, sex work, and feminism. Sarah’s writing can be found in Briarpatch, This Magazine, rabble.ca, Tits and Sass, Digital Studies/Le champe numérique, and Canadian Theatre Review.

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  • Kanahus Manuel

    Kanahus Manuel

    Kanahus Manuel is Secwepemc and Ktunaxa, a member of the Secwepemc Women Warrior Society, a mother of four, and a traditional Secwepemc birthkeeper and handpoke tattoo artist. She was born into a high-profile political family known for bringing their fight for their traditional territories into the international spotlight. Kanahus’ activism also includes prison justice work, including advocacy for the freedom and exoneration of Orlando Watley.

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  • Aasa Marshall

    Aasa Marshall

    Aasa Marshall wrote an honours thesis about Australia’s 2012 asylum seeker policy while living in Melbourne, her master’s thesis about Syrian refugee resettlement in Canada, and has been a member of a private refugee sponsorship team. She is the communications lead for a Saskatoon non-profit.

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  • Berta Martinez

    Berta Martinez

    Berta Martinez is a writer, organizer and radical mami who loves Detroit, Michigan.

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  • Steven Henry Martin

    Steven Henry Martin

    Steven Henry Martin is a social worker and writer out of Peterborough, Ontario.

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  • Brandy-Lee Maxie

    Brandy-Lee Maxie

    Brandy-Lee Maxie is a Nakota Assiniboine mother of three from the White Bear First Nations. She is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a journalist/storyteller, but will also put her life on hold to live in a resistance camp from time to time.

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  • Robyn Maynard

    Robyn Maynard

    Robyn Maynard is a Black feminist writer, grassroots community organizer, and intellectual based in Montreal. Her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette, World Policy Journal, and Canadian Woman Studies.

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  • Katie Mazer

    Katie Mazer

    Katie Mazer is a graduate student and education worker at the University of Toronto. She was born and raised on P.E.I. and still calls the Island home.

    View entries by Katie »

  • Aric McBay

    Aric McBay

    Aric McBay is an organizer, farmer, and author; his latest book is Full Spectrum Resistance (2019). Find more at www.aricmcbay.org.

    View entries by Aric »

  • Mary Jane Logan McCallum

    Mary Jane Logan McCallum

    Mary Jane Logan McCallum is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Winnipeg. She studies and teaches modern Indigenous history and Indigenous–state relations in ways that reflect on the distinct nature of colonialism in Canadian history. Her current project examines Indigenous histories of tuberculosis, 1930–1970.

    View entries by Mary »

  • Tyler McCreary

    Tyler McCreary

    Tyler McCreary is a graduate student in geography at York university. He currently resides in northern B.C. on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory.

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  • Ojore McKinnon

    Ojore McKinnon

    Ojore McKinnon is an innocent man who has been stranded on California death row for over 20 years. He is currently without legal representation, and is seeking qualified counsel. Donations and advocates are welcome: visit freeojore.com to learn more about how to get involved or sign the petition at https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/help-an-innocent-man.

    View entries by Ojore »

  • Kendra J. McLaughlin

    Kendra J. McLaughlin

    Kendra J. McLaughlin is a public health researcher, writer, and activist based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

    View entries by Kendra »

  • Barney McLeod

    Barney McLeod

    Barney McLeod is an Ojibway carver born and raised in the community of Matachewan, Ontario. He lives with his wife in Sechelt, B.C., where he carves on the beach and shares his story of healing with passersby. He cares deeply about the natural world and prefers to share his wealth than keep it for himself.

    View entries by Barney »

  • Rushdia Mehreen

    Rushdia Mehreen

    Rushdia Mehreen is an organizer based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories. For over a decade she has been involved in various social justice struggles, including Palestine/anti-colonial solidarity, the Quebec student movement, migrant justice, and anti-racist organizing. Currently a college teacher in a precarious capacity, she tweets sporadically at @rushmew.

    View entries by Rushdia »

  • Ryan Meili

    Ryan Meili

    Ryan Meili is a politically active physician (and physically active politician). He has worked in rural Mozambique, inner-city Saskatoon and in communities throughout rural Saskatchewan. In 2009 he finished a close second in the race to replace Lorne Calvert as leader of the Saskatchean New Democratic Party.

    View entries by Ryan »

  • Marie-Michelle Melotte

    Marie-Michelle Melotte

    Marie-Michelle Melotte was born and raised to Mauritian immigrant parents at the foot of the Rockies in Moh-kíns-tsis on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, and the Métis Nation (Region 3). She holds a BA in humanities from the University of Calgary, has lived in Cyprus and France, worked briefly in theater, and now freelances as a translator, dressmaker, and embroiderer.

    View entries by Marie-Michelle »

  • Maya Menezes

    Maya Menezes

    Maya Menezes is an anti-racism, economic justice, and climate campaigner based in Tkaronto. She was the last program director at the climate justice organization The Leap, working on global Green New Deal policy. She is currently a senior forest campaigner at Stand.earth.

    View entries by Maya »

  • Métis in Space

    Métis in Space

    otipêyimisiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk Métis in Space, hosted by Chelsea Vowel and Molly Swain, is an Indigenous feminist science fiction podcast (and now Land Back project!) that brings into conversation critiques of mainstream portrayals of Indigenous people with anti-colonial futurities and imaginings. Métis in Space is part of the Indian & Cowboy Media Network, and can be found at metisinspace.com or through purveyors of fine podcasts everywhere.

    View entries by Métis »

  • Julia Métraux

    Julia Métraux

    Julia Métraux is a writer and a student at The New School. She is a former member of Independent Jewish Voices. Her work has appeared in the Tempest, Alma, and JSource, among others.

    View entries by Julia »

  • Ossie Michelin

    Ossie Michelin

    Ossie Michelin is a freelance Inuk journalist based out of North West River, Labrador, and Montreal. Ossie works in print, photography, radio, and video. The son of a trapper and descended from a long line of storytellers, he brings insights on the Indigenous world and North with a capital “N.”

    View entries by Ossie »

  • Michelle Miller

    Michelle Miller

    Michelle Miller is a queer writer, educator, activist and enthusiastic dance-party goer. Her first book was entitled Branding Miss G_: Third Wave Feminists and the Media_ (Sumach Press, 2008). She lives in Vancouver but longs for Ontario, winters and all.

    View entries by Michelle »

  • Jessie Milo

    Jessie Milo

    Jessie Milo is incarcerated in California. Please sign and share the petition to free Jessie at www.change.org/p/gavin-newsom-petition-for-mercy-for-jessie-milo.


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  • Jon Milton

    Jon Milton

    Jon Milton is a student, journalist, and union member based in Montreal. His writing and video work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, rabble, the Media Co-op, and the Link, where he has also worked in the positions of opinions and managing editor. He is a member of S’ATTAQ, the Montreal IWW’s freelancers' union.

    View entries by Jon »

  • Hawa Y. Mire

    Hawa Y. Mire

    Hawa Y. Mire is a critical writer, strategic senior leader, and community organizer based on the Indigenous lands of Tkaronto/Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter @HYMire.

    View entries by Hawa »

  • Dave Oswald Mitchell

    Dave Oswald Mitchell

    Dave Oswald Mitchell is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher. He co-edited the book Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution (OR Books, 2012) and edited Briarpatch Magazine from 2005 to 2010.

    View entries by Dave »

  • Tracey Mitchell

    Tracey Mitchell

    At 34.8, Tracey Mitchell’s age is also the median age in Saskatoon, the youngest city in Canada, where she currently lives. Tracey is the Prairie Region Manager for Next Up Leadership. Like many millennials, she also has a second job, working in peer support for mental health and addiction challenges. She serves on the national board of the Council of Canadians, and is a member of Climate Justice Saskatoon and Bus Riders of Saskatoon.

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  • M1009bdb4d38d658c2a566e063ed79d3de41

    Tracey Mitchell

    Tracey Mitchell is the Prairie Region manager for Next Up. She also works as a peer support mentor for her peers with mental health and/or addiction challenges. She serves on the national board of the Council of Canadians, and is an active member of Climate Justice Saskatoon.

    View entries by Tracey »

  • Matt Moir

    Matt Moir

    Matt Moir has written and reported in Canada for the CBC, CTV News and Sun Media. He now freelances for magazines and websites all over the world. Matt lives in Beijing.

    View entries by Matt »

  • Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore is a Canadian independent journalist reporting from Ecuador.

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  • Jas M. Morgan

    Jas M. Morgan

    Jas M. Morgan is an assistant professor in Ryerson’s English department, researching Trans NDN digital creators and things. Morgan’s first book, nîtisânak (Metonymy Press, 2018), won the 2019 Dayne Ogilvie Prize and a 2019 Quebec Writer’s Federation first book prize and has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and an Indigenous Voices Literary Award.

    View entries by Jas »

  • Phillip Dwight Morgan

    Phillip Dwight Morgan

    Phillip Dwight Morgan is a Toronto-based essayist and poet of Jamaican heritage. His writings on race and politics have appeared in Maclean’s, CBC, the Toronto Star, The Walrus, the Huffington Post, and several Canadian magazines.

    View entries by Phillip »

  • Trina Moyles

    Trina Moyles

    Trina Moyles is a Canadian writer and freelance journalist. Her writing focuses on social and environmental issues in rural communities in East Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the past three years, she’s been working on a book called Women Who Dig, about the lives of women farmers from seven countries in the Americas, East Africa and Asia. Visit her website: www.trinamoyles.com.

    View entries by Trina »

  • Bianca Mugyenyi

    Bianca Mugyenyi

    Bianca Mugyenyi is programming and campaigns director at Concordia University’s Centre for Gender Advocacy. She is the co-author of Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay.

    View entries by Bianca »

  • Gwendolyn Muir

    Gwendolyn Muir

    Gwendolyn Muir is an organizer based in Montréal/Tiohtià:ke on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories. She grew up in the farming region of Montérégie, on Wabanahkik lands split by the ever-maintained US – Canada border. You can get in touch with her at [email protected].

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  • Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay

    Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay

    An immigrant who made Tio’tia:ke (Montréal) home, Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay is a family doctor in Eeyou Istchee (the Cree territories of James Bay). He is co-coordinator of the Canadian chapter of the People’s Health Movement, and a volunteer physician for the Montreal programs of Médecins du Monde.

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  • Molly Murphy

    Molly Murphy

    Molly Murphy is a front-line activist, builder, settler, and mother of three. 

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  • Ali Mustafa

    Ali Mustafa

    Ali Mustafa is a freelance writer, photographer, and multimedia journalist.

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  • Matt Myers

    Matt Myers

    Matt Myers is a Labour Party activist and author of Student Revolt: Voices of the Austerity Generation (Pluto Press, October 2017).

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  • Russel Samuel Myers Ross

    Russel Samuel Myers Ross

    Russell Samuel Myers Ross belongs to the Tsilhqot’in Nation. He holds a master’s in Indigenous governance from the University of Victoria, and is now a sessional instructor at Thompson Rivers University in Williams Lake.

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