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  • Mary Fairhurst Breen

    Mary Fairhurst Breen

    Mary Fairhurst Breen is the late-blooming Toronto author of Any Kind of Luck at All and has written about grief, greed, getting older and other personal/political topics for several Canadian publications. Her upcoming book for young readers is Pride and Persistence: Stories of Queer Activism. Find her at maryfairhurstbreen.ca.

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  • Sara Falconer

    Sara Falconer

    Sara Falconer is a freelance journalist and communications consultant. As a member of the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross Federation, she helps produce 4strugglemag.org, an online and print zine of writings and analysis by and for political prisoners and their supporters.

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  • Susan Ferren

    Susan Ferren

    Susan Ferren was a longtime friend and intellectual companion of John Warnock. She worked for many years as a reference assistant at the University of Regina library, and was a union organizer and community activist. 

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  • Andrée Forest

    Andrée Forest

    Andrée Forest est Métisse née à Saint-Boniface avec des noms de famille Nault, Gladu, et Charette. She is connecting to community through organizing, governance, and a new-found love for hide work. Andrée organizes with the Winnipeg-based grassroots Métis collective Red River Echoes. 

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  • Kelly Fritsch

    Kelly Fritsch

    Kelly Fritsch is a writer, educator, and parent living in Ottawa. She is co-director of the Disability Justice and Crip Culture Collaboratory at Carleton University. 

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  • Teuila Fuatai

    Teuila Fuatai

    Teuila Fuatai is a freelance journalist based in Toronto and writes about social justice issues, workers’ rights, and developments in the labour movement. She is originally from New Zealand, and was the labour beat reporter for rabble.ca this year.

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  • Phoebe Fuller

    Phoebe Fuller

    Phoebe Fuller (she/her) is a journalist and master’s student at the University of British Columbia. Her writing focuses on labour issues, 2SLGBTQ+ identity, and pop culture, and has appeared in Xtra Magazine, PressProgress, and the Georgia Straight, among others.

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  • Holly Funk

    Holly Funk

    Holly Funk is a settler on Treaty 4 territory, the editor in chief at the Carillon, and a sex-positive queer who's mostly-femme-but-sometimes-them. 

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