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  • Fitsum Areguy

    Fitsum Areguy

    Fitsum Areguy is a writer and scholar-activist looking critically at identity, state violence, and public health issues. His graduate work focuses on how Black and Indigenous youth on the Haldimand Tract use storytelling, place-making, and relational practices to resist conquest.

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  • John Cameron

    John Cameron

    John Cameron is a settler writer and musician born, raised, and living in Treaty 4 territory. He's the publisher of Briarpatch Magazine.

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  • Rachel Cluderay

    Rachel Cluderay

    Rachel Cluderay was born and raised in Sǫ̀mba K’è/Yellowknife, Denendeh, where she still lives today. She is a nêhiyaw-English paddler and bush nerd. She is passionate about supporting Indigenous peoples to strengthen their connection to the land, as she believes it is foundational for the resurgence of Indigenous cultures, languages, and ways of being.

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  • Lydia Dobson

    Lydia Dobson

    Lydia Dobson is a prisoners' justice organizer and founding member of the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project and Toronto Prisoners' Rights Project.  She is the co-Director of the Prison Law Practicum at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and teaches prison abolition at Carleton University. 

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  • griffin epstein

    griffin epstein

    griffin epstein (they/them) is a Mad/psychiatrized white settler educator, community-engaged researcher, and poet in Toronto (Dish with One Spoon/Two Row/Treaty 13 territory). Find them at: griffin.epstein.com.

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  • Chanelle Gallant

    Chanelle Gallant

    Chanelle Gallant has over 20 years’ experience as a social justice activist, organizer, writer, and strategist on issues of sexuality, policing, and racial justice, both nationally and internationally.

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  • David Gray-Donald

    David Gray-Donald

    David Gray-Donald is a settler media worker in tkaronto (Toronto). He was the publisher of Briarpatch from 2017-2019, is the current publisher of The Grind magazine in Toronto, and is a co-author of the new book The End of This World: Climate Justice in So-called Canada. He worked as a climate campaigner at Environmental Defence from 2022 to March 2023. 

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  • Yasmine Simone Gray

    Yasmine Simone Gray

    Yasmine Simone Gray is a disabled writer, artist, educator, and master’s student based in Toronto, Ontario. Find her on Twitter at @_yasminesimone. 

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  • Rajbeer Grewal

    Rajbeer Grewal

    Rajbeer (Raji) Grewal is a registered nurse living and studying in Hamilton, Ontario. She holds a master’s degree and is a PhD candidate in labour studies at McMaster University. Her research interests include nurses’ work, unionization, and organization in health-care settings. 

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  • Julie Han

    Julie Han

    Julie Han is a writer and researcher based in Tkaronto. She holds an MA in economic geography and critical development from the University of Toronto, with a focus on work, debt, tech, and cities. She is working on a fake sport called “SKOLF!,” a real memoir called Huffing Wig Fumes and Simping 4 Steve-O, and some other stuff. She irregularly tweets from @jool_e_haan. 

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  • Rob Houle

    Rob Houle

    Rob Houle is from Swan River First Nation, Treaty 8 Territory, Alberta and is currently studying law at Thompson Rivers University. He is a research fellow at the Yellowhead Institute and was one of the researchers on the Cash Back Red Paper.

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  • Sophie Jin

    Sophie Jin

    Sophie Jin is the interim editor of Briarpatch Magazine.

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  • kate klein

    kate klein

    kate klein (she/her) is a facilitator, teacher, and organizer. She organizes alongside her local abolitionist collective to create safety without/despite police in her neighbourhood, and against workplace ableism alongside griffin and other sick & disabled college workers.

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  • Haseena Manek

    Haseena Manek

    Haseena Manek is a journalist based in Halifax.

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  • Ian McKay

    Ian McKay

    Ian McKay is the L.R. Wilson Chair in Canadian history at McMaster University and the author of the award-winning Reasoning Otherwise: Leftists and the People’s Enlightenment in Canada, 1890–1920 and the co-author of Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety.

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  • Phillip Dwight Morgan

    Phillip Dwight Morgan

    Phillip Dwight Morgan is a Toronto-based essayist and poet of Jamaican heritage. His writings on race and politics have appeared in Maclean’s, CBC, the Toronto Star, The Walrus, the Huffington Post, and several Canadian magazines.

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  • Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

    Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

    Rana Nazzal Hamadeh is a Palestinian-Canadian artist based between Ramallah and Ottawa. Her practice is informed by the knowledge emerging from grassroots movements for justice, both in occupied Palestine and across Turtle Island. 

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  • Nisha Patel

    Nisha Patel

    Nisha Patel is an award-winning queer and disabled spoken word artist. She was the City of Edmonton’s 8th Poet Laureate, and is a Canadian Individual Slam Champion. You can find her @anothernisha. 

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  • Chris Ramsaroop

    Chris Ramsaroop

    Chris Ramsaroop is an organizer with Justice for Migrant Workers. Chris also is an assistant professor at the New College of  the University of Toronto and co-director of the Migrant Farmworkers Clinic in the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor.

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  • Emma Schwartz

    Emma Schwartz

    Emma Schwartz is a writer, organizer, and student at Haverford College. She is part of the Human Rights Coalition, a Philly-based organization fighting against mass incarceration, where she helps edit and produce The Hydra, a podcast in which formerly incarcerated abolitionists explore global, cultural, and local movements for liberation.

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