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    Canada’s right-wing rage machine vs. Nora Loreto

    Tracking the work of a loosely coordinated right-wing network that spurred on an enormous public reaction

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    How do we intervene in the Ontario elections?

    Five Ontario activists on how to change the message and build resistance before and after the 2018 election.

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    Geography Lessons

    “She points, / here’s Canada, here’s home, caught in a ganglion / of lakes. Our cupped hands cradle continents in turn.” Poetry winner of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest

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    The Honduran Election Crisis

    Canadian capital stands to benefit from the fraudulent election of a far right-wing government that has brought down the full force of the military on Hondurans – particularly on activists like Berta Cáceres.

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    Briarpatch Issue Launch: The Prairie Issue

    You’re invited to the Calgary launch of Briarpatch Magazine’s upcoming issue!

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    Call for submissions (September/October)

    Briarpatch is seeking stories, essays, profiles, and reviews for our July issue! Submit by May 1.

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    Not One More Deportation

    We must stop Lucy Francineth Granados’ deportation, and overhaul the sadistic and arbitrary case-by-case regularization system.

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    Camped out for Justice

    Colten Boushie. Tina Fontaine. Countless others. “Something’s gotta change. Something more than fake promises and words.”

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March/April 2018

The fight for shelter beds in Canada’s largest city. Writing letters to LGBTQ2S prisoners. The Punch Up Collective on building strong movements. The Wobbly Print Project talks radical art in the labour movement. The Honduran election crisis. The lawsuit facing opponents of the Site C dam. Winners of our Writing in the Margins contest, reviews, and more.

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