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    Busting the union-busters

    As thousands of workers push to unionize, their bosses are hiring union-busting companies to cling to power. Here’s how you can out-organize your boss.

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    A message to nurses: it’s time to organize

    Governments are selling off the health-care system to the private sector, compromising patient care and nurses’ working conditions. If nurses organize, we can stop the sell-off.

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    Sex worker feminism

    Anti-sex work feminists endanger the lives of sex workers and prop up the far right. To fight fascism, the left must adopt a sex worker feminist politic.

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    Indigenous cops are cops, too

    To stifle Indigenous organizing, the Canadian government is investing in Indigenous police officers.

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    Briarpatch is going on tour!

    We’re hitting the road here in 2023 with events in three cities.

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    Disability and the prison system

    It’s not a coincidence that so many prisoners are disabled – the system was designed that way.

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    MAiD in heaven

    On medical assistance in dying

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    A reading list on Palestinian refusal

    On the tail end of the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, these articles, books, and podcasts demonstrate Palestinians’ strong spirit of refusal.  


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September/October 2023

Workers out-organize union-busters. Plus: a call for nurses to organize against health-care privatization, an investigation into funding for Indigenous police forces, prisoners discuss disability and incarceration, a roundtable on sex worker feminism, and more.

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