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    From the plantation to the prison

    Ohio’s reliance on for-profit prisons shows that slavery has never ended in this country. Prisons have always been about herding, investing in, and marketing chattel for a profit.

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    “That’s how we protect one another”

    Mi’kmaq water protectors and Nova Scotian settlers worked together to stop the Alton Gas project. Their success shows the power of Indigenous-settler solidarity in the fight to defend land and water.

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    Evidence of an unjust justice system

    Governments criminalize poor people, and then allow companies to exploit prisoners’ basic needs for profit.

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    Healed people heal people

    In a world without prisons, we could break the vicious cycle of generational poverty, trauma, and incarceration.

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    We’re contracting a part-time assistant editor

    Briarpatch is looking for an editor to help us produce the Sask Dispatch and the RWDSU union newsletter. Applications are due November 8, 2021.

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    Call for pitches (March/April)

    We’re looking for writing rooted in rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, feminist struggle for an unthemed issue. Pitches are due November 1, 2021.

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    We’re raising our rates!

    Thanks to a boost in subscribers and generous donations from our readers, our rates for writing and art are going up, effective immediately.

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    Prisons are built on our backs

    The colonial economics of incarceration


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September/October 2021

In our special Prison Abolition Issue, we asked prisoners across Canada and the U.S. to reflect on the question, "Can you imagine a world without prisons?" They write about surviving COVID outbreaks; unequal treatment of women and men; prisons as a tool of colonialism; and fighting to abolish prisons from inside them. 

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