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    Canada and the crisis of capitalism

    150 years ago, Karl Marx observed that crisis is encoded in capitalism’s DNA. Today, Canadian capitalism has entered another period of serious volatility – one that may culminate in a crisis even deeper than that of 2008.

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    Sikhs, sovereignty, and the Canadian left

    Exploring the anti-colonial, egalitarian roots of Sikhi, and tracking the extraordinary political power of the Sikh community in Canada today

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    When we built the walls

    Through handshakes behind closed doors, with refugees as commodities and borders as bargaining chips, our migration system is crumbling

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    “This is not charity, this is solidarity”

    Resource Movement asks – earnestly – how can a group of rich kids help advance social justice movements?

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March/April 2020

In our March/April issue, Todd Gordon and Geoffrey McCormack chart Canada's path toward another economic crisis – one that may well be deeper than 2008. Plus, articles about the new group helping rich kids redistribute their wealth to social movements; "migration diplomacy" and the global erosion of free movement; the anti-colonial, anti-oppressive roots of Sikhi; how immigrant settlers can cultivate an ethical relationship with the land; and winners and runners-up of our ninth annual Writing in the Margins contest.

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