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    150 Years of Resistance

    Insurrections, protests, occupations, and revolts against Canada

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    The Truth About Treaties

    Hundreds of documents accessed through an Access to Information request show the Canadian government’s internal position on historic treaties. Negotiations in bad faith: confirmed.

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    Front Line Freedom

    A warrior and a journalist speak about the path ahead for Indigenous resistance.

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    150 Years Of Mad Love

    Mad people’s history holds up a mirror to the exalted Canadian story of universal health care, revealing a movement led by people finding and providing care for themselves and each other.

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    Call for Submissions (January/February)

    Be part of Briarpatch’s January/February issue!

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    Guest Editor

    Yutaka Dirks will be Briarpatch’s labour issue guest editor.

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    Announcing: The Austerity Monologues (SK)

    We’re thrilled to co-announce a new theatre project. “The Austerity Monologues” will feature stories from those affected by the Saskatchewan Party’s drastic cuts to public services. In partnership with the Saskatchewan Public Interest Theatre Company.

Current Issue

July/August 2017

Indigenous resurgence is the best defense against Windigo. How women’s labour got organized in 1930s industrial Montreal. Trudeau’s foreign policy. The Canadian government’s internal position on historic treaties. A land protector and a journalist talk activism and freedom of the press. A history of mental health and collective care. How to embolden the left in Canada. Two reviews of children’s books on residential schools, and more!

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