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    The myth of police as “embattled heroes”

    The Winnipeg police union says officers are constantly under attack by everything from “gang members” to video games to bedbugs. It’s a strategy to persuade the public that the only solution is more police and more money.

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    Ontario’s punitive welfare system

    In “Ineligible: Single Mothers Under Welfare Surveillance,” Krys Maki shows how technological advancements have created a new frontier in monitoring and criminalizing the poor.

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    Building feminist, anti-racist unions

    More strategies for challenging patriarchal white supremacy in labour

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    “Safe supply is the future”

    From drug users in Vancouver to opium poppy growers in Mexico, activists across borders say safe and legal drugs will save lives.

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    Pitch Briarpatch’s 2022 Labour Issue

    We’re looking for features, investigations, and reviews for our annual labour issue! Pitches are due July 3, 2022.

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    Where there’s smoke, there’s no fire

    New Freedom of Information documents show the City of Toronto’s efforts to control the media narrative around encampment evictions last summer – inflating the number of fires in encampments and using media exclusion zones.

  • A group of Asian community members wearing masks and holding up signs in multiple languages with anti-trafficking messages written on them.

    Anatomy of an anti-trafficking policy campaign

    In Newmarket, Asian massage workers have been engaged in a battle with the town council, which is intent on shutting down their businesses by claiming that the workers are both disreputable criminals and sex trafficking victims.

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    The right to return to work

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the Pacific Gateway and Hilton Metrotown hotels laid off their workers – then refused to hire them back. Hotel workers are fighting for their jobs, and for the future of the hotel industry after the pandemic.

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May/June 2022

From drug users in Vancouver to opium poppy growers in Mexico, activists say safe and legal drugs will save lives. Plus: lessons for the climate justice movement from the University of Toronto fossil fuel divestment campaign. How police unions win more money and weapons by presenting officers as "embattled heroes." Strategies for building feminist, anti-racist unions. A reading list on Indigenous persistance, and more.

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