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    The theft of the present

    Winnipeg has been shaped by settler city planners and capitalists who sidelined Indigenous plans for decolonized urban development. Emily Leedham reviews Stolen City: Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg by Owen Toews.

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    Sending Josephine home

    Josephine Pelletier was shot to death by Calgary police in May. Her life and death shed light on the complicated interplay between colonialism, incarceration, and police brutality. This is her story.

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    The grunt work of antifascism

    Despite what the mainstream media likes to show, anti-fascism isn’t all fighting and doxxing. And that media narrative is stopping us from building a broader anti-fascist culture.

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    “Indigenizing” child apprehension

    In Ontario’s Indigenous child welfare agencies, the superficial trappings of culture take the place of policies that would grant jurisdiction over Indigenous children to Indigenous families, individuals, and communities.

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January/February 2019

The leftist’s case against the carbon tax. The life and death of Josephine Pelletier. The grunt work of antifascism. Are Ontario’s Indigenous child welfare agencies much better than their colonial predecessors? Jason Kenney is borrowing from Israel’s anti-BDS playbook to take down Alberta’s environmental activists. Plus a book review, comic, and more.

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