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    Call for submissions (January/February)

    Pitches are due Thursday, August 30, 2018.

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    2018 Northern Writing Prize

    We’re accepting pitches for stories about the land, culture, and communities of Canada’s North. The winner will receive $600 and will be published in our January issue!

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    The students of Nicaragua’s April uprising

    Autoconvocados – self-organized student protesters – are mobilizing against the repressive Ortega government. But their movement threatens to fall into the hands of nationalists and pro-capitalists.

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    A pipeline to regret

    If you weren’t convinced before – simply by being an air-breathing, water-drinking human being – it’s now undeniable that we all have skin in this pipeline game. Trudeau has made us all potential shareholders in a leaky, aging piece of climate-cooking infrastructure.

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July/August 2018

Trump is threatening to rip up NAFTA, and others seek to “modernize” it – what does this mean for the Indigenous peoples of Mexico? A report from the Zapatistas’ Women In Struggle conference. Small P.E.I. farms battling for food sovereignty against big agribusiness. Throwing open the doors to unions’ collective bargaining meetings. The shallow solidarity of social media, the techwashing of Israel’s apartheid state, and more.

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