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    A just transition requires a planned economy. But whose plan?

    Corporate, for-profit planning, aided and violently enforced by the settler colonial state of Canada, will not bring about a just transition.

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    A dignified death

    End-of-life doulas are gaining popularity, as people begin to resist highly-medicalized palliative care and seek a gentler, more personalized death. But will they ever be integrated into Canada’s public health system?

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    The loud silence of queer poverty

    In every sense that matters, poverty is a 2S-LGBTQ issue. So why aren’t mainstream Canadian 2S-LGBTQ organizations treating it as such? And who’s picking up their slack?

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    Fighting antisemitism today

    Why did IfNotNow Toronto have to defend their antisemitism training against other Jews? The answer lies in the left and the right’s competing definitions of antisemitism.

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    Call for submissions (March/April)

    We’re looking for writing rooted in rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist struggle for an unthemed issue. Pitches are due October 23, 2019.

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    There’s no journalism on a dead planet

    Corporate media owners are killing local newspapers – which is making it difficult for everyday people to understand the on-the-ground impacts of the climate crisis.

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    To avoid climate disaster, we need local media

    The climate crisis is the biggest story of our time, but it’s a story that’s extremely difficult to tell. And as corporate owners shutter local newspapers, we’re losing our best tool in understanding what climate change looks like on the ground, and our best method to empower people to fight back.

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    Mutual aid for the end of the world

    Conversations with disabled, trans, and racialized survivalists who are changing what it means to be a disaster prepper


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September/October 2019

A deep dive into the death of local news in Canada, and what it means for our ability to understand climate change on the ground. Conversations with disabled, trans, and racialized disaster preppers. Lessons from high-school organizers fighting Ford’s education cuts. Reporting on the fight against new security screening at Winnipeg’s downtown library.

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