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    This is what Indigenous energy sovereignty looks like

    Just as Indigenous peoples are at the front line of climate impacts, we must also be at the forefront of climate solutions. This is where Indigenous Climate Action was born.

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    In this world, a world where many worlds coexist, there would be no forced migration, no mass extinction.

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    “We can only glimpse our future reflected in our past”

    Generations from today, a group of young activists sends a letter to a historian of the 21st century, hoping that she will be able to settle an argument about tactics. Her letter gives us a glimpse of what life is like in the 22nd century – after a just transition.

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    Just transition: a vision and a plan

    Around us, we see fear and uncertainty about the world that is coming into being. This issue of Briarpatch came from a desire to articulate a hopeful vision of the future, and a plan for how to get there by addressing interwoven social and environmental crises.

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    The #UniteAgainstRacism campaign – what it is and why we launched it

    Across the globe, right-wing politics are gaining ground by demonizing migrants and Others. These politics become particularly pronounced in election years. With the federal election approaching, we knew Canada was not immune.

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    Green New Deal for All tour starts today

    The seven-city tour aims to build momentum to demand policies that truly address the climate crisis and leave no one behind.

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    Pitch Briarpatch’s 2019 Labour Issue

    We’re seeking stories, art, and reviews for our annual labour issue!

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    What’s in a just transition?

    We convened a roundtable of activists from different movements to talk about what a just transition means to them, and what it looks like on the ground.


Briarpatch - From the Margins Briarpatch - From the Margins

Current Issue

May/June 2019

How do we transition to a low-carbon future, in a way that’s just for Indigenous peoples and workers? This issue is both a vision and a plan. With articles on the history of the just transition movement; what “giving land back” really means; case studies from the Wet’suwet’en nation’s reoccupation of territory to the Imagining 2030 Network in Nova Scotia; unbordering the transition; the degrowth movement in Quebec; and more.

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