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    Health care toward liberation

    Amid the twin crises of neoliberal capitalism and COVID-19, two health-care workers ask: how do we practice health care in ways that increase people’s access to freedom?

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    When we fight for one treaty, we fight for them all

    1492 Land Back Lane is about more than just one housing development. Six Nations has a treaty they must protect, and the precedent set by every broken treaty affects us all.

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    Suppress the virus now!

    The Ontario government’s idea that we need to “learn to live with” COVID-19 is murderous abandonment of vulnerable people. Instead, the left should mobilize around a clear demand: our governments must adopt aggressive suppression of COVID-19.

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    Mistreated, marginalized, migrant

    Following the deaths of three workers to COVID-19, the experience of migrant farmworkers in Canada has received unprecedented media attention. As a result, workers are winning long-overdue changes to their conditions. This timeline charts the wins and losses of migrant agricultural workers in Ontario during seven months of COVID-19.

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    Feminism that’s ready for a fight

    In her new book, Nora Loreto tracks the rise and fall of Canada’s organized feminist movement, and observes how formal organizations were replaced with a mix of online personalities, bloggers, and service organizations. How do we once again build a feminist movement that can pose a serious challenge to neoliberal austerity and misogyny?

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    Art against colonialism

    An interview with the judges of Briarpatch’s 10th annual Writing In The Margins contest: Larissa Lai, Pat Kane, and Sonnet L’Abbé.

  • The space to tell stories

    Since the Sask Party cut a key film tax credit in 2012, a lot of ink has been spilled about the film industry’s decline. But after the tax credit was cut, there’s been a groundswell of cinema by Indigenous women in Saskatchewan. How did this happen, and what can we learn about building a strong and just film industry?

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    Workers of the world: Salt at Amazon!

    Amazon has become lodged in our society. The only way to exorcise it is to organize it. The Amazon Workers Collective needs your help: sign up to join the fight to organize the workers of Amazon.

Current Issue

November/December 2020

In our special Labour in the Pandemic issue, we talk to the workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. Inside, you'll find a roundtable with Foodora couriers, a call from Amazon workers asking for salts to help them unionize warehouses, a discussion on Black women's labour during a time of two crises, a timeline of migrant agricultural workers' organizing during the pandemic, and a feature on the rural postmasters braving an avalanche of parcels from the shift to e-commerce. 

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