Toward a World of Many Worlds: The Women’s March in Saskatoon

In the future, we may be able to point to the Women’s March on Washington in Saskatoon as the critical moment when all our scattered struggles came together as we realized how capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, imperialism, and heterosexism are interconnected.

School Dispatch

Police officers are stationed in high schools across Toronto under the guise of ensuring school safety. With powers to search and arrest students, they criminalize student conduct and build mistrust and alienation among marginalized students.

The New Threat Threshold

What Project SITKA reveals about the basis of pernicious surveillance of Indigenous activists

The Anti-Somali Feedback Loop

The feedback loop between harmful media representation and legislation has imposed a massive burden on Somalis who arrived in Canada to escape war. For 30 years, it has impacted employment prospects, access to education and housing, and the freedom to swiftly rebuild lives.