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    Chilling public protest

    Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are used to silence, impoverish, and intimidate protesters. Now, with a lawsuit filed against the alleged participants of Winnipeg’s Rooster Town Blockade, we may be seeing one of the first SLAPPs on the Prairies.

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    Fighting for Space

    The history of the harm reduction movement is one of direct action and protest – an “act first, ask second” attitude that was the only reasonable response to an outbreak of preventable disease and a crisis of premature deaths. Nicholas Olson reviews Fighting for Space, by Travis Lupick.

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    Colonial courts and settler justice

    Most days during Gerald Stanley’s trial, the courtroom could be cut in half: the white half – family and supporters of the accused – and the brown half – family and supporters of the victim.

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    Oil’s Deep State

    The fossil fuel industry has the Canadian government by the throat – but it’s been a long time coming. Joseph Laforest reviews Oil’s Deep State, by Kevin Taft.

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    The students of Nicaragua’s April uprising

    Autoconvocados – self-organized student protesters – are mobilizing against the repressive Ortega government. But their movement threatens to fall into the hands of nationalists and pro-capitalists.

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    Queers to the front

    Queen City Pride has chosen a straight, cis man to lead this year’s pride parade. Here’s why it’s insulting to Regina’s queer and trans communities.


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