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    Prisoners use drugs. Stop trying to stop them

    Drug prohibition in prisons is a dangerous farce that generates violence, overdoses, and corruption.

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    Filipinos across Canada respond to pandemic inequalities

    From live-in caregivers to meat packers, Filipino workers have been at the front lines of COVID – but have received little protection or recognition.

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    Between swing and split

    Five Tamil artists in Toronto respond to “A Feller and The Tree,” a short film about the 26-year-long armed conflict in Sri Lanka and its fallout.

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    The co-option of mutual aid

    Mutual aid is rooted in Black and Indigenous resistance to state violence. We cannot allow white organizers, non-profits, and philanthropists to co-opt our teachings in a time of panic.

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    The Indian farmers’ protest is a window on a new world

    Since September 2020, tens of thousands of farmers and farm labourers and over 40 unions have been waging resistance to three agricultural farm bills in India. The protest’s sustained presence, immense scale, and diverse solidarities have shaken the legitimacy of Prime Minister Modi, and provided us all with a renewed ethical orientation and political vision for a new world.

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    Sharing treaty land

    In rural Saskatchewan, a network of settler landholders and Indigenous people are finding a new way to share land.

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    “Chip away at it”

    From March 2020 to March 2021 there were more than 21 hunger strikes in Canadian prisons. Briarpatch looks back on a year of prisoner rebellions during COVID and what they won.

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    “Built on a foundation of white supremacy”

    Coverage of Indigenous land defence reveals journalism’s symbiotic relationship with settler colonialism. Can we chart a path forward for decolonial and anti-colonial journalism?

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July/August 2021

A network of Indigenous treaty holders and settler land holders are creating a new way to share land in rural Saskatchewan. Plus: Black and Indigenous histories of mutual aid; a year of COVID-era hunger strikes in Canadian prisons; Filipino workers discuss pandemic inequalities; Tamil reflections on art and diaspora; and journalism's symbiotic relationship with white supremacy.

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