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    Are any of Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas relevant for us today?

    One hundred years after the murder of the Polish-German revolutionary socialist, are any of her ideas still useful for leftists?

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    71 years ago, India promised to let the people of Kashmir choose to join India or Pakistan. In the absence of the referendum, protestors in Indian-occupied Kashmir are voicing their desire for freedom by showing up in the thousands to the funerals of separatist militants. But 2018 has been the bloodiest year in a decade inside Indian-occupied Kashmir.

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    The new Jewish left

    While antisemitic hate crimes increase in Canada, there’s been a resurgence of the Jewish left – led by young people, rooted in solidarity with other marginalized communities, focused on ending the Israeli occupation, and held together by new articulations of Jewish community and ritual.

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    Decentralized and data-driven

    How CUPW is bringing union advocacy into the 21st century

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    Youth Summer Job: Publishing & Editorial Assistant

    We’re hiring a young person (age 15 – 30) in Regina for May and June! Apply by April 22nd.

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    Call for submissions (September/October)

    We’re looking for writing rooted in rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist struggle for an unthemed issue. Pitches are due Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

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    Quebec interns want wages, and they want them now

    The student strike is alive and well in Quebec. This week, tens of thousands of Quebec students will walk out of their classes, demanding wages for all interns.

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    “In the palm of my hand, I delicately finger a pair of unfamiliar ID cards printed on worn pieces of coloured paper, yellow and salmon pink. The faded type reveals they were issued in the spring of 1941 with approval from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.” Creative non-fiction winner of the Writing in the Margins contest.


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March/April 2019

Inside Indian-occupied Kashmir’s deadliest year in a decade. The fight to protect an Algonquin sacred site from a condo development. The resurgence of the Jewish left in Canada. Saving Canada’s supply management system. Tracking the Indigenous opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement along the proposed route of the pipeline. Winners of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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