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    Why a progressive buyer should go for Torstar

    The second-largest chain of newspapers in Canada is about to be bought by a couple Conservative-donor businessmen. It’s time for progressive groups and individuals to make a bid for Torstar.

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    Prison unionism

    How a public-sector union became the leading advocate of jail-building in Manitoba – and laid the foundation for the province’s incarceration disaster.

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    Decolonizing ecology

    From traditional fishing technologies to bringing back the bison, Indigenous ecological practices are our best bet to save the planet – and ourselves

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    Breaking the cycle of harm

    To avoid police and prisons, more leftists are turning to accountability processes to repair harm. But fractious accountability processes are tearing communities apart. How might returning to transformative justice’s Black feminist roots help break the cycle?

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July/August 2020

How a public-sector union became the biggest cheerleader for jail-building in Manitoba; three case studies on Indigenous ecological practices; pension funds' investment in the housing crisis; abuse at humanitarian aid organizations; transformative justice; the false conflict between Indigenous sovereignty and migrant justice; and more.

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