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    Who is the NDP for?

    Rule changes, hostile colleagues, and a lack of democracy – Anjali Appadurai, Kaitlyn Harvey, and Navjot Kaur share their experiences organizing and running with the NDP.

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    “They don’t know how to fight for this”

    In year four of the COVID-19 pandemic, will unions fight for workers’ right not to get sick on the job?

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    Pushing pipeline ownership onto First Nations

    How industry and governments hatched plans to pass the most contentious pieces of resource industry infrastructure onto First Nations

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    Fighting fascism in feminism

    Five trans feminists on the rise of fascist feminism and how to fight back.

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    The canoe as home

    Youth canoeing camps resist colonial policies and occupation by restoring Indigenous youth’s relationships with canoeing.

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    The case for abolitionist sex education

    If we’re serious about addressing sexual harm and providing consent-based sex education, we need to teach students about alternatives to the police and equip them with tools to deal with harm when it happens in their communities.

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    A reading list on resisting dehumanization

    In this reading list, Black women, queer and trans people, people who use drugs, sex workers, and migrants share their stories of marginalization and their fight to be recognized as valuable community members.

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    Black radicalism has always included disability justice

    In her new book “Black Disability Politics,” Sami Schalk highlights the Black disability justice activism overlooked by mainstream disability rights movements and writing.

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May/June 2023

Climate justice activists shut out of the NDP. Plus: union members fight for COVID-19 safety, industry and government push pipeline ownership onto First Nations, the winner of the 2022 Northern Writing Prize, a review of Black Disability Politics, and an argument for abolitionist sex education.

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