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    Front Line Freedom

    A warrior and a journalist speak about the path ahead for Indigenous resistance.

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    Canada 150 Opposed in Katarokwi

    Idle No More–Kingston/Katarokwi is building momentum against the celebrations around John A. Macdonald and Canada 150.

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    The End of the Line

    The government ditched the STC without lining up alternatives, counting on private companies to step up. This isn’t how it went for other Crown sales.

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    Talking Back to the Citizenship Oath

    What is expected of people at the Canadian citizenship ceremony?

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    Labour Issue Submissions

    We’re seeking submissions for our annual labour issue!

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    Announcing: The Austerity Monologues (SK)

    In Saskatchewan, current the site of a devastating austerity offensive and Briarpatch’s home, we’re thrilled to co-announce a new theatre project. “The Austerity Monologues” will feature stories from those affected by the Saskatchewan Party’s drastic cuts to public services. In partnership with the Saskatchewan Public Interest Theatre Company.

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    The Mighty Fight for Muskrat Falls

    The Inuit, Innu, Métis, and settler communities around the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project depend on the watershed for hunting and fishing. The stakes for protecting the water just got higher and the fight is far from over.

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    Dark Matters

    Simone Browne’s book offers an excellent alternative account of modern surveillance.

Current Issue

May/June 2017

What can donations to non-profit political organizations reveal about political involvement? Communities in Labrador are preventing a hydroelectric project from contaminating their hunting and fishing territories. The Kingston group that wants to transform prison farms into animal sanctuaries. Does corporate sponsorship affect the politics of queer film festivals? How to prevent police from undermining grassroots solidarity. Plus a book review and more.

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