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    Checking in with the oil crowd

    The conference guidebook for the 50th annual Global Petroleum Show tells me we’re here “CELEBRATING THE FUTURE OF ENERGY.” Excuse my skepticism.

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    The Oil Industry’s PR Offensive

    A climate justice journalist heads to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to see how the industry is pushing its messages, and who is doing doing the heavy lifting.

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    The battle for Heron Gate

    Mega-landlord Timbercreek owns half of one of the poorest and most racialized neighbourhoods in Ottawa – and they’re evicting over 400 residents to build a new “resort-style apartment” complex. But tenants are organizing from the grassroots and fighting to save Heron Gate.

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    We will take this party back

    To those who oppose us, young NDP organizers calling for Erin Weir’s resignation, I say: How dare you discourage young people from demanding a better party?

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    We raised our rates!

    In the spring we asked for your help in raising $10,000 to hire an art director, and to raise our contributor rates. Well, we did it!

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    We don’t need to be friends to be comrades

    To ask activist groups to take on responsibility for members’ emotional well-being is to saddle them with an impossible burden – something that makes activist burnout more likely.

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    The lie of anti-consumerism

    Anti-consumerism is a noxious, tone-deaf, and fundamentally reactionary concept that absolves capitalism of its crimes – and should quickly be banished from serious leftist discourse.

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    With new headquarters, Conexus is losing its way

    But it’s not too late to stop the commercial construction in Wascana Park


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September/October 2018

Faced with an unyielding medical system, trans people are accessing healthcare and hormones on their own terms. The grassroots fight against one of the largest eviction campaigns in the country. Why are so many activists burning out, and what can be done about it? A climate justice reporter ventures inside the 50th annual Global Petroleum Show. Plus a book review, a comic, and more.

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