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    Real climate action means defunding the police

    A little-known arm of the RCMP has spent tens of millions of dollars brutalizing Indigenous land defenders and their allies while enforcing injunctions for resource extraction companies in B.C.

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    The labour movement is stronger without police in it

    It’s time for unions to expel police from their membership, because a strong labour movement can only be built on a foundation of safety for Black and Indigenous members. 

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    “Do not ever get used to it”

    Union members and staff say that sexism, anti-Black racism, and other oppressive attitudes are deeply entrenched in many unions. Drawing on a history of women, trans, and racialized workers fighting for their place in the labour movement, trade unionists share ideas to transform unions today.

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    A union for sex workers

    Canada’s sole sex worker’s union wants to organize the industry coast to coast. But with members spread out in different cities, and working for online services like OnlyFans, how much support can a union provide?

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November/December 2021

In our annual Labour Issue, contributors write about work, unions, and the labour movement. Inside, you'll find a profile of Canada's sole sex workers' union; an article about the subminimum wage workers who make Canada's Remembrance Day poppies; an argument for removing police from the labour movement; a look inside the short-lived union at HuffPost Canada; and more.

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