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    After Brazil’s Worst Mining Disaster

    How workers and activists are rebuilding their local economy in the aftermath of one of the world’s most devastating mining tragedies.

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    The Precariat’s Parental Leave

    Between nursing, nurturing, and sleep deprivation, how does a freelancer making a stable living while parenting?

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    The Second Crisis

    How workers on the front lines of Canada’s opioid crisis are coping – and what organized labour can do to support them.

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    Policing Black Lives: The Colour Line

    The history of segregated labour in Canada’s Jim-Crow era

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November/December 2017

Workers on the front lines of the opioid crisis are burning out. Challenges of earning a stable living as a freelancer while parenting. Letters between two labour movement vets. Brazilian activists rebuild a local economy after a mining disaster. Meet the workers who took on Canada’s casino giant. Is scientific labour really unencumbered? An excerpt from Robyn Maynard’s Policing Black Lives. Plus an interview with the writing contest judges, a book review and more!

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