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    The workers AI hides

    Behind the newest AI technologies are hundreds of Canadians labouring for a fraction of minimum wage.

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    Migrant workers’ fight to unionize in the Yukon

    Fed up with poor working and living conditions, migrant workers are organizing. The Yukon’s labour movement needs to step up and support them.

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    The battle to bargain with Starbucks

    Of the hundreds of unionized Starbucks locations in Canada and the U.S., only two have negotiated a collective agreement. Baristas fight against the coffee giant is just beginning.

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    Dreaming of home care futures

    Without a public home-care system, disabled people are forced to choose between living in a long-term care home, medical assistance in dying, and hiring an underpaid migrant home-care worker.

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    Call for Pitches (May/June 2024)

    We’re looking for writing rooted in rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, feminist struggle for an unthemed issue. Pitches are due January 2, 2024.

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    B.C.’s forgotten front-line workers

    Food service workers struggle under weak protections from extreme weather. B.C. labour advocates are fighting to change that.

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    Smash the machines

    As Big Tech unleashes new technologies increasing worker surveillance and eroding working conditions, workers can learn from the Luddites’ example.

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    Media by and for workers: a reading list

    Not only do labour-focused publications RankandFile.ca and Labor Notes report on workers’ struggles – they help workers build a stronger labour movement. Here are a few articles for workers looking to organize more strategically.


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November/December 2023

The subminimum wage workers behind the newest AI technologies. Plus, baristas' fight to win a collective agreement with coffee giant Starbucks; migrant workers' push to unionize in the Yukon; disabled care receivers and migrant care givers dream of a just home care future; and more. 

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