Back Issues

  • January/February 2017

    School Dispatch

    The fight on Treaty 6 against clear-cutting. The TPP will enable businesses to determine workers’ mobility rights. Police officers are stationed in high schools across Toronto under the guise of school safety. Responding to the corporatization of social media. Confronting the erasure of Indigenous women and two-spirited people in HIV movements. Who controls the climate discourse? Plus an excerpt from Fault Lines: Life and Landscape in Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy, book reviews, and more! Cover art by Raz Latif.

  • November/December 2016

    Labour issue

    Racialized women are at the forefront of the $15 and Fairness campaign. The natural resource sector views Indigenous peoples as surplus labour. Mexico’s teachers strike against neoliberal education reforms. Are we paying attention to the postal workers defending a public post office? Indigenous women’s nursing labour as a site of decolonization. Where labour laws have left Atlantic Canada’s young and precarious workers. Plus an interview with our writing contest judges, Joseph Boyden and Erín Moure, a vintage book review, and more!

  • September/October 2016

    How does suburban sprawl affect geographies of protest and dissent? Practising transformative justice in Black communities. Knowledge building is driven by the struggles of ordinary people. The force of land defenders in Nicaragua. Can visionary fiction build a future of justice? Food sovereignty on the land. Review of Freedom is a Constant Struggle (Angela Davis) and Keywords for Radicals (ed. Kelly Fritsch, Clare O’Connor, A.K. Thompson).

  • July/August 2016

    Organizing Wisdom

    Why should social movements learn from experts? Assisted dying legislation and the disability rights. Pinkwashing Israeli and Canadian occupation. Building sustainable social movements for the long haul. An autoethnography of an eating disorder treatment that ignored the identity of a trans patient. How can libraries and archives be leveraged for continuous movement building? An architect’s prison abolition work. How does unlearning reproduce white supremacy? Plus book reviews!

  • May/June 2016

    How feminists are dismantling white supremacy. Alliances among First Nations, environmentalists, and forestry workers may be the key to a sustainable and responsible industry. How have Newfoundland students framed their right to accessible education? Roundtable on building and sustaining the Black liberation movement. How can the National Energy Board be opposed to prevent pipelines from being built? Moral policing of addictions in women’s remand centres. An interview with the founder of Iron & Earth. Ableist narratives that preclude life-enriching activities.

  • March/April 2016