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  • Fathima Cader

    Fathima Cader

    Fathima Cader is a writer and student at law.

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  • James Cairns

    James Cairns

    James Cairns teaches in the contemporary studies program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, ON, and is a member of the Toronto New Socialists.

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  • Caleb Cohen

    Caleb Cohen

    Caleb Cohen is a writer and master’s of forestry student. He has been planting trees for over seven years.

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  • John Cameron

    John Cameron

    John Cameron is a settler writer and musician born, raised, and living in Treaty 4 territory. He's the publisher of Briarpatch Magazine.

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  • David Camfield

    David Camfield

    David Camfield is a supporter of socialism from below. His book Future on Fire: Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change will be published in 2022. He hosts the podcast Victor’s Children and is a member of the editorial board of Midnight Sun. His website is prairiered.ca

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  • Joshua Campbell

    Joshua Campbell

    Joshua Campbell is a high-school teacher, freelance journalist, and proud husband and father who lives in Regina, SK. He has a passion for investigative stories related to social justice, the environment, and Indigenous peoples.

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  • Tenille K. Campbell

    Tenille K. Campbell

    Tenille K. Campbell is a Dene/Métis storyteller and photographer from English River First Nation, author of #IndianLovePoems, and is often found with coffee in hand, daydreaming about the next story.

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  • Joe Catron

    Joe Catron

    Joe Catron is a U.S. activist and writer based in Gaza, Palestine, with a background in American antiwar, environment, labour, and tenant campaigns. He works with Palestinian groups and international solidarity networks, particularly in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and prisoners’ movements. He blogs at joecatron.wordpress.com and tweets at @jncatron.

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  • Jody Chan

    Jody Chan

    Jody Chan (they/them) is a writer, organizer, drummer, and therapist-in-training based in Toronto.

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  • Sarah Charles

    Sarah Charles

    Sarah Charles is an African-Canadian writer living on Treaty 4 territory.

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  • Lianne Charlie

    Lianne Charlie

    Lianne Marie Leda Charlie is Tagé Cho Hudän (Northern Tutchone-speaking people of the Yukon). She is a faculty member with Dechinta Bush University Centre for Research and Learning and has a PhD in political science from the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa. She lives in Whitehorse, Yukon.

    View entries by Lianne »

  • Chris Benjamin

    Chris Benjamin

    Chris Benjamin is a freelance journalist, fiction writer and columnist. He is the author of Eco-Innovators: Sustainability in Atlantic Canada and the novel Drive-by Saviours.

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  • Stefan Christoff

    Stefan Christoff

    Stefan Christoff (@spirodon) is a Montreal-based writer, musician, and community organizer.

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  • Amielle Christopherson

    Amielle Christopherson

    Amielle Christopherson is a writer and storyteller with a background in photojournalism and a bachelor's degree in business management. Her work usually focuses on community, the arts, and finding ways to connect across differences.

    View entries by Amielle »

  • Matt Cicero

    Matt Cicero

    Matt Cicero is a writer, artist, activist, and a ritual abuse survivor. He has been involved in Indigenous solidarity organizing, and prison and police abolition. He blogs at stonesandsticksandwords.wordpress.com. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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  • D. Henry Claflin

    D. Henry Claflin

    D. Henry Claflin is a writer and editor at the Toronto-based nonprofit Free The Children.

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  • Rachel Cluderay

    Rachel Cluderay

    Rachel Cluderay was born and raised in Sǫ̀mba K’è/Yellowknife, Denendeh, where she still lives today. She is a nêhiyaw-English paddler and bush nerd. She is passionate about supporting Indigenous peoples to strengthen their connection to the land, as she believes it is foundational for the resurgence of Indigenous cultures, languages, and ways of being.

    View entries by Rachel »

  • Marc Colbourne

    Marc Colbourne

    Marc Colbourne is a new writer living in Edmonton, Alberta. Originally from Newfoundland, he has also lived and worked in Cuba, Bolivia and Guatemala. Through his writing he hopes to entertain, inform and connect readers to important social issues.

    View entries by Marc »

  • Peter Cole

    Peter Cole

    Peter Cole is a professor of history at Western Illinois University in Macomb. He is currently working on a book that compares the modern histories of work, technological change, race relations, and longshore unionism in the ports of Durban and the San Francisco Bay area.

    View entries by Peter »

  • Shoal Collective

    Shoal Collective

    Amy Hall, Eliza Egret, and Tom Anderson are part of Shoal, a collective writing group for social justice and a world beyond capitalism. Their writing on Palestine can be found at corporateoccupation.org. You can follow them on Twitter CorpOccupation and ShoalCollective.

    View entries by Shoal »

  • Ken Collier

    Ken Collier

    Ken Collier is a retired professor of social work living in Red Deer, Alberta. He is active with the Council of Canadians and Friends of Medicare (Alberta) and writes for progressive activist and research publications.

    View entries by Ken »

  • Andrea Conte

    Andrea Conte

    Andrea Conte is a writer, researcher, and filmmaker. He’s a settler on lands of the Dish with One Spoon Treaty, and a fellow of the UnionDocs Carceral Screens and the Abolitionist Imagination CoLAB.

    View entries by Andrea »

  • Frére Corbeau

    Frére Corbeau

    Frére Corbeau is a Caucasian/Native American artist who fights the system every way he can. I am not just an inmate, I am a father, son, brother, uncle, fiancée, nephew. Just because I have a number it doesn’t change any of that. I am still a man, still a human being. Stand up for all or get out of the way.

    View entries by Frére »

  • Alex Cosh

    Alex Cosh

    Alex Cosh is the managing editor of The Maple and a former staff writer for PressProgress.

    View entries by Alex »

  • Emilie Coyle

    Emilie Coyle

    Emilie Coyle is the executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. She previously worked as director of the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program at the University of Ottawa. Emilie has practiced family, criminal and immigration law. In addition to her professional accomplishments as a bilingual legal professional and not-for-profit advocate, Emilie was a co-founder of Parents 4 Diversity, a citizen’s group working with parents and teachers to address discrimination with the goal of making schools safer for all children and youth and a proud sponsor of LGBTQ+ refugees for many years. She lives with her partner Adam and her children Maia and Niko and loves a good book recommendation.

    View entries by Emilie »

  • Sandra Cuffe

    Sandra Cuffe

    Sandra Cuffe is a freelance journalist reporting on Indigenous, environmental, and human rights issues in Canada and Central America.

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  • Abigail Curlew

    Abigail Curlew

    Abigail Curlew is a PhD student of the sociology of surveillance at Carleton University, a freelance journalist, and an activist. She writes to bring attention to surveillance issues in technology, media, and politics in order to inform the public of the threat of ubiquitous watching.”

    View entries by Abigail »

  • Sofia Cutler

    Sofia Cutler

    Sofia Cutler is a recent graduate of McGill’s master’s program in English. She currently works at the Museum of Jewish Montreal where she is curating an exhibition on the history of the garment industry.

    View entries by Sofia »