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  • Meghan Eaker

    Meghan Eaker

    Meghan Eaker is an amiskwaciywâskahikan-based poet, registered nurse, and beading artist of mixed European and nîhiyaw ancestry, and a member of the Woodland Cree First Nation. She is a University of Alberta nursing PhD student researching Indigenous youth mental health promotion.

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  • Yodit Edemariam

    Yodit Edemariam

    Yodit Edemariam is a lawyer and the director of legal services at the Rexdale Community Legal Clinic (RCLC) in Toronto. RCLC provides free services to North Etobicoke community members in the areas of housing and eviction prevention, income maintenance, employment, and immigration.

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  • Patricia W. Elliott

    Patricia W. Elliott

    Patricia W. Elliott is a distinguished professor of investigative and community journalism at First Nations University of Canada, with a research background in alternative media in Canada, Thailand, and Myanmar. 

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  • Rebecca Ellis

    Rebecca Ellis

    Rebecca Ellis is an activist, organic farmer, and beekeeper in London, ON. She has a PhD in geography and environment from Western University and is the author of the forthcoming book Capitalist Agriculture and the Global Bee Crisis (Routledge Press). 

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  • Yves Engler

    Yves Engler

    Yves Engler has published four books including The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy (Fernwood, 2009) and Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid (Fernwood, 2010).

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  • Fadi Ennab

    Fadi Ennab

    Fadi Ennab is a researcher, lecturer, and trainer on issues related to migrants, and an advocate for social justice. Fadi has an MA in sociology from the University of Manitoba. He migrated to Winnipeg from the Middle East more than a decade ago.

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  • Simon Enoch

    Simon Enoch

    Simon Enoch is the director of the Saskatchewan office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. He holds a PhD in communication and culture from Toronto Metropolitan University and York University.

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  • griffin epstein

    griffin epstein

    griffin epstein (they/them) is a Mad/psychiatrized white settler educator, community-engaged researcher, and poet in Toronto (Dish with One Spoon/Two Row/Treaty 13 territory). Find them at: griffin.epstein.com.

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  • Paula Ethans

    Paula Ethans

    Paula Ethans is is a writer, poet, and human rights lawyer. Her work focuses on gender, migration, and power, and she has written for the Tyee, the Ottawa Citizen, and kaur. space. You can follow her on Twitter, @PaulaEthans.

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