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  • Emily van der Meulen

    Emily van der Meulen

    Emily van der Meulen is a professor of criminology at Ryerson University. She conducts research on the criminalization of sex work, prison and community-based harm reduction, and surveillance.

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  • Mandy Van Deven

    Mandy Van Deven

    Mandy Van Deven is a freelance writer and founder of the Feminist Review blog. Her writing has appeared in AlterNet, Bitch, ColorLines, and Curve. She currently resides in Calcutta, India.

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  • Aimée van Drimmelen

    Aimée van Drimmelen

    Aimée van Drimmelen is left handed, plays harmonica and lives by the ocean. Her ink drawings, hand lettering and graphic design work have found homes with a variety of clients in publishing, music and design.

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  • Renee Vettivelu

    Renee Vettivelu

    Renee Vettivelu is  a Tamil poet and aerospace engineering graduate from Mississauga, Ontario. She finds joy in community, instrumentals, and waters.

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  • Andi Vicente

    Andi Vicente

    Andi Vicente is an artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. Their  practice encourages collective empowerment through the answering of the questions “Who is not here with us?” and “How can I be there for you?” They are the author and editor of Bitter Melanin. For more of their work visit @andivice on Instagram and andivicente.com.

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  • Chelsea Vowel

    Chelsea Vowel

    Chelsea Vowel is Métis from the Plains Cree-speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alta. Mother to four girls, she has a B.Ed. and a bachelor of law and currently lives in Montreal. She teaches Inuit youth under child protection and blogs as âpihtawikosisân. Passionate about law, culture, and language, she tries to deconstruct harmful myths with the hope that there can be a restructuring and renewal of the relationship between Canadians and Indigenous peoples.

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