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  • Kate Jacobson

    Kate Jacobson

    Kate Jacobson is a union organiser and the host of the Alberta Advantage podcast. 

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  • Tai Jacob

    Tai Jacob

    Tai Jacob is a master’s student in geography at McGill University. They organize with communities dedicated to migrant justice and Palestinian solidarity. They are a member of Resource Movement.

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  • Meral Jamal

    Meral Jamal

    Meral Jamal was born and raised in a family of 20 in the United Arab Emirates. She is a journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa, and spent a summer in the Yukon as part of Stories North, an initiative by Carleton professor Kanina Holmes to get journalism students involved in experiential learning.

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  • Jayde Jarvis

    Jayde Jarvis

    Jayde Jarvis is a dedicated educator who works across communities to help support children and their families with equity and access. She is currently completing her master of education in leadership and policy at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

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  • Bisma Jay

    Bisma Jay

    Bisma Jay is a queer multimedia artist based in Toronto. Their work aims to create more positive representation of queer and trans South Asians living in the diaspora. In their spare time they like to make videos for TikTok, paint, and take endless self-portraits.

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  • Fiona Jeffries

    Fiona Jeffries

    Fiona Jeffries is an academic working in the autonomist tradition. Her book, Nothing to Lose but Our Fear: Resistance in Dangerous Times, was published by Between the Lines in Canada and Zed Books in the U.K. You can find her at @fionajeffries.

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  • Jennie Long

    Jennie Long

    Jennie Long is a writer, facilitator, and researcher. She holds an MA in environmental studies from the University of Victoria.

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  • Megan Jensen

    Megan Jensen

    Megan Jensen works in communications for a First Nations health organization, and in her free time, does contract copywriting, public relations, and event coordination work. She believes in the power of story as a tool to advance women’s health equity.

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  • Brannavy Jeyasundaram

    Brannavy Jeyasundaram

    Brannavy Jeyasundaram is a writer and bharatanatyam dancer. Her writing can be found in the Local, the Dance Current, Jacobin, and the Tamil Guardian.

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  • Sophie Jin

    Sophie Jin

    Sophie Jin is the interim editor of Briarpatch Magazine.

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  • Yasmin Jiwani

    Yasmin Jiwani

    Yasmin Jiwani is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. She is also a co-founder of RACE (Researchers and Academics of Colour for Equity).

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  • Rachel Jobson

    Rachel Jobson

    Rachel Jobson is a queer, disabled, neurodivergent student currently completing her PhD in sociology at Carleton University, where she is researching the socio-legal construction of the nuclear family as the only sanctioned site of care outside of paid care work and institutionalization. She is an active member of the Disability Justice and Crip Culture Collaboratory.

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  • Claire Johnston

    Claire Johnston

    Claire Johnston is a Michif person with Swedish, Scottish, and English settler ancestry. Some of their family names include Brown, Johnston, Moore/Moar, Richards, and Thomas. Claire organizes with the Winnipeg-based grassroots Métis collective Red River Echoes. 

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  • Shawn Johnston

    Shawn Johnston

    Shawn Johnston is a Two Spirit Anishinaabe originally from Couchiching First Nation. They are an award-winning photographer and currently reside along Deshkan Ziibii in so-called London, Ontario.

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  • Chelsea Jones

    Chelsea Jones

    Chelsea Jones is a Canadian freelance journalist based in Kathmandu. Her work focuses on development journalism, especially pertaining to women and people with disabilities in the global south.

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  • Ameil Joseph

    Ameil Joseph

    Ameil Joseph is an associate professor in the school of social work at McMaster University, where he currently holds a professorship in equity, identity, and transformation from the faculty of social sciences.

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  • Daniel Joseph

    Daniel Joseph

    Daniel Joseph is a senior lecturer of digital sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he researches the political economy of game apps, platforms, and digital labour. He’s an organizer with Game Workers Unite.

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  • Malalai Joya

    Malalai Joya

    Malalai Joya is an activist, writer and the youngest elected MP in Afghanistan.

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