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  • Rawan Nabil

    Rawan Nabil

    Rawan Nabil is a Palestinian community organizer based in Tkaronto (so-called Toronto). She organizes with the Palestinian Youth Movement and is currently doing her PhD in political science, focusing on resistance to neoliberalism in Palestine.

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  • Serena Nadir

    Serena Nadir

    Serena Nadir is a high-school teacher in Toronto, a member of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, and a board member of the Groundswell Community Justice Trust Fund.

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  • Katherine Nastovski

    Katherine Nastovski

    Katherine Nastovski is an activist and organizer living in Toronto. She is a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903, and is active in Labour for Palestine. She is currently working on a PhD at York University on Labour Internationalism in Canada.

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  • Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

    Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

    Rana Nazzal Hamadeh is a Palestinian-Canadian artist based between Ramallah and Ottawa. Her practice is informed by the knowledge emerging from grassroots movements for justice, both in occupied Palestine and across Turtle Island. 

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  • Stuart Neatby

    Stuart Neatby

    Stuart Neatby is a journalist and Maritimer based in Vancouver. He is a recent graduate of Langara College’s journalism program and is working on a series of stories for the Vancouver Sun about the growth of the international student industry in Canada. Stuart is a former labour organizer and hotel worker.

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  • Calvin Neufeld

    Calvin Neufeld

    Calvin Neufeld is a vegan transsexual living off-grid in rural Ontario with his wife and their two pugs. He is a member of Ontario’s Trans Health Lobby Group and works part-time for Rainbow Health Ontario, a government-funded initiative with a mandate to promote better access to services and to enhance the health of Ontario’s LGBT communities.

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  • M169bdb4d38d658c2a566e063ed79d3de41

    Calvin Neufeld

    Calvin Neufeld is a co-founder of Evolve Our Prison Farms. He is an advocate of life and quality of life for oppressed species, sexual and gender minorities, racial minorities, the physically, mentally, and economically disadvantaged, and absolutely everybody else. www.calvinneufeld.com.

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  • Vina Nguyen

    Vina Nguyen

    Vina Nguyen is a queer, second-generation Vietnamese Canadian writer, songwriter, and substitute teacher living in Moh’kín’stsis on Treaty 7 territory. She holds degrees in biological sciences and medicine. Her stories have appeared in The Selkie, FEED, The Anti-Languorous Project, Every Day Fiction, and Lida Lit Mag. She’s crafted two EPs with her band Vina After Dark.

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  • Claire Nicolson-Hurtig

    Claire Nicolson-Hurtig

    Claire Nicolson-Hurtig has been a member and worked as staff at several public- and private-sector unions. She gets energy from growing plants, making art, and building community and solidarity.

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  • Alexa Norton

    Alexa Norton

    Alexa Norton is a feminist, writer, and graduate student researching the social determinants of women’s health. Based in Vancouver, she works in academic health publishing and drug policy research, and is an ardent supporter of decriminalization.

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