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    What is a migrant? And is she a revolutionary?

    Migrants are now a central part of the local working class in virtually every town and city. Organizing against capitalism involves treating migrants not as objects of charity, but as revolutionary subjects.

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    Migrant workers are the present and future of low-carbon care work

    Migrant workers are keeping us alive through catastrophes like COVID-19, but they face an impossibly complex, punitive, and high-stakes immigration system. It’s time to completely overhaul the way we value those who do the most vital, life-giving work.

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    Scarborough, my home

    In Toronto’s easternmost suburb, a photographer seeks out beauty in immigrant communities that are literally pushed to the edges of the city.

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    dis place

    “I joke that I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with U.S. immigration since 2003. With the announcement of DACA in 2012, the game has shifted to legal limbo, purgatory, how low can you go?” Creative non-fiction runner-up of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    Organizing the suburbs

    Why Chinese suburbanites in Toronto’s commuter belt voted for Doug Ford – and why the left has been losing its foothold in racialized working-class communities

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    What’s Happening to Sanctuary?

    Immigration justice activists are pressuring city councils across Canada to create sanctuary cities. Can undocumented migrants rely on promises that municipal service providers won’t co-operate with the Canada Border Services Agency?

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    Talking Back to the Citizenship Oath

    What is expected of people at the Canadian citizenship ceremony?

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    The Anti-Somali Feedback Loop

    The feedback loop between harmful media representation and legislation has imposed a massive burden on Somalis who arrived in Canada to escape war. For 30 years, it has impacted employment prospects, access to education and housing, and the freedom to swiftly rebuild lives.

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    Health Care and Immigration Policies that Kill

    Addressing the deadly intersection of unjust health care and immigration policies.

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    Immigrant Health & Social Power: An interview with Harsha Walia

    What forces shape the health of immigrants and refugees in Canada?

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    “Our only refuge”

    In the wake of the economic meltdown of 2008, what does unemployment teach us about who we are and what our lives mean?