• Rally to protest the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in Regina, SK.

    Where is the left on the Canadian Prairies?

    Years with so little social struggle on the Prairies have left us without much of what Alan Sears calls the “infrastructure of dissent.”

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    Canada’s right-wing rage machine vs. Nora Loreto

    Tracking the work of a loosely coordinated right-wing network that spurred on an enormous public reaction

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    How do we intervene in the Ontario elections?

    Five Ontario activists on how to change the message and build resistance before and after the 2018 election.

  • Morning at the Justice for Our Stolen Children Camp in Regina, Treaty 4 territory. Photo by David Gray-Donald.

    Camped out for Justice

    Colten Boushie. Tina Fontaine. Countless others. “Something’s gotta change. Something more than fake promises and words.”

  • Ani-poverty activists marching in Toronto holding colourful banners, including a large red banner that says

    A Thousand More Beds

    The homeless shelter system in Canada’s largest city is in crisis – but anti-poverty and housing activists are fighting the systemic abandonment of homeless people, and they’re winning important gains.

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    The Honduran Election Crisis

    Canadian capital stands to benefit from the fraudulent election of a far right-wing government that has brought down the full force of the military on Hondurans – particularly on activists like Berta Cáceres.

  • Ken and Arlene Boon. Photo by Louis Bockner.

    Silencing Opposition of the Site C Dam

    Protesters of the Site C dam in the Peace River Valley are facing a civil suit from both BC Hydro and the B.C. government.

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    Capturing the long arc of struggle and resilience

    The stories in this issue embody the continuity of struggles past.

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    The Myth of the Age of Entitlement

    James Cairns unpacks the “entitled millennial” trope in his new book.

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    Building Power in the Face of Austerity

    Even with Brad Wall’s resignation, we’re not out of the woods when it comes to trouncing austerity.

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    Saskatchewan’s Renewed Movement Against Austerity

    How are organizers building power to resist Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s callous austerity agenda?

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    When Calling Out Makes Sense

    Sometimes the only way we can address harmful behaviours is by publicly naming them.

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    Not Here To Party: Canada 150 Confronted

    A Canada 150 intervention. Letter from the Editor.

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    When the Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement of Ottawa was infiltrated by a police officer, organizers were left feeling betrayed and paralyzed. How did they rebuild and strengthen their movement?

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    War in the Neighborhood

    War in the Neighborhood, a graphic novel about the struggles of squatters at war with police and developers, is re-read 17 years later with fresh eyes.

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    The New Threat Threshold

    What Project SITKA reveals about the basis of pernicious surveillance of Indigenous activists

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    Who Are We Marching For?

    Lessons from Vancouver’s Women’s March on Washington.

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    The End of Protest

    Micah White’s conclusion – that the future of efforts to change society will be a combination of electoral politics and cultural “meme warfare” – misses the mark.

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    Who Controls the Climate Discourse?

    Do we have a problem imagining carbon neutrality?

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    Joint Statement on the Criminalization of Journalist Justin Brake

    As editors, publishers, and journalists working in independent media, we condemn the criminalization of Indigenous land protectors and journalist Justin Brake.