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    Interview with Colonialism No More - Regina Solidarity Camp

    Three weeks into setting up a solidarity camp at the INAC office, activists in Regina are standing strong for Indigenous youth.

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    A New School for Wet’suwet’en Youth

    The iCount High School on the Moricetown reserve in northern B.C. puts education back in the community, allowing youth to stay in the village instead of travelling to the school in Smithers.

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    Social spaces summit

    Through the intersections of social centres, strategies for change emerge.

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    Killers in high places

    If the drug war is a tool of social and territorial control and capital accumulation, it’s not enough to simply accuse Harper’s Conservatives of pursuing a misguided strategy.

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    Interns unite!

    If decent, full-time work is getting harder to come by, the same can’t be said for internships, whether unpaid or barely paid. From street protests to online campaigns, the emerging intern activism is one part of the wider effort by fresh actors to reformat labour politics for precarious times.

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    Unions need to get to school, and soon

    Unions need to know more to educate young workers the basic facts about unions: that they lead to higher wages, better working conditions, and more job security.

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    Pipeline to prison

    Canada’s education system, imposed upon Indigenous people for hundreds of years, plays a powerful role in constructing the notion of public enemies in need of discipline and containment.

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    Defunding the public interest

    Some PIRG supporters fear that adopting controversial positions will provoke attack. Especially after a defunding effort, PIRGs tend to endure a chilling effect during which volunteers and staff can be seduced by “neutrality” and engage in self-censorship.

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    Sing, Brother

    I reached Edmonton’s High Level Bridge as clusters of snowflakes clouded the sky. It was Friday night, already dark, and I was alone but for a young man in black who passed me from the opposite ledge.

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    Hearing Two-Spirits

    A combination of both the masculine and feminine, the Two-Spirited are a distinct gender with roles and responsibilities unique to their dual nature.

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    Rappers like InfoRed and Eekwol have great potential to reconnect youth to their culture through Aboriginal storytelling.

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    The next generation of land defenders

    Meet the youth at the heart of a movement to raise awareness about a proposed nuclear waste dump near their communities. These five young people participated in an 820-kilometre walk from Pinehouse to Regina, Saskatchewan to oppose the storage and transportation of nuclear waste in the province.