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    Resting toward liberated futures

    We must use as many tools as possible to fight against oppression, including – or maybe especially – rest.

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    The co-option of mutual aid

    Mutual aid is rooted in Black and Indigenous resistance to state violence. We cannot allow white organizers, non-profits, and philanthropists to co-opt our teachings in a time of panic.

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    To be a warrior

    What it really means when Indigenous protesters say “Bring back our children.” An interview with Chasity Delorme and Prescott Demas from Camp: Justice For Our Stolen Children.

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    150 Years of Resistance

    Insurrections, protests, occupations, and revolts against Canada

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    Not Here To Party: Canada 150 Confronted

    A Canada 150 intervention. Letter from the Editor.

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    Nothing to Lose But Our Fear: Resistance in Dangerous Times

    Conversations on the politics of fear.

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    Hijacked canoes and settler ships

    Is Indigenous land reclamation a form of environmentalism? How does Indigenous resurgence relate to left-wing political traditions?

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    Hunger’s empire

    What does it mean for Guantanamo Bay prisoners to assert their essential human dignity, and to seek justice, by choosing to starve? From freedom fighters under the British Raj to Chief Theresa Spence and the detainees of Guantanamo, physician Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay explores the insistent threat of the hunger strike.