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    Accumulation by Dispossession

    Corporations are after the resource-rich land – not sustainable, fair employment.

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    The Indigenous Nurses Who Decolonized Health Care

    Few Indigenous labour history studies, especially in the post-fur trade era, focus on Indigenous women’s work, but labour functioned as a colonial tool to strip Indigenous people of title and status. Indigenous women faced the worst moral and social regulation, racism, and sexism at work, and so Indigenous women’s labour became a site of resistance to patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism. The history of Indigenous nurses’ organizing was especially revolutionary.

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    Land and the Food that Grows On It

    Out of a history of colonial food weaponization emerges a thriving movement of Indigenous food sovereignty.

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    Interview with Colonialism No More - Regina Solidarity Camp

    Three weeks into setting up a solidarity camp at the INAC office, activists in Regina are standing strong for Indigenous youth.

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    A legacy of Canadian child care

    What was it like to be caught in the Sixties Scoop, when thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their families and placed in settler households?