• Sask Dispatch

    Three times P3s screwed over Saskatchewan

    As Saskatchewan shows, when you allow private companies to make bank on the backs of the public, it’s the people who pay.

  • Magazine

    Not just a pretty Instagram profile

    In April, nearly 200,000 high-school and middle-school students across Ontario participated in the largest student walkout in Canadian history in protest of Doug Ford’s cuts to education. Reporters and older activists alike are asking: how did high schoolers pull it off?

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Checking in two years after the end of NORTEP and NORPAC

    In 2017 the Sask Party cut funding and eliminated the Northern Teacher Education Program and the Northern Professional Access College. What’s been the impact on Indigenous language learning and access to education?

  • Online-only

    The #UniteAgainstRacism campaign – what it is and why we launched it

    Across the globe, right-wing politics are gaining ground by demonizing migrants and Others. These politics become particularly pronounced in election years. With the federal election approaching, we knew Canada was not immune.

  • Magazine

    Racism, death, and hard truths in a northern city

    In her new book, Seven Fallen Feathers, journalist Tanya Talaga delves into the stories of seven Indigenous students in Thunder Bay whose lives were cut short.

  • Online-only

    Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    The Saskatchewan government has circumvented the decision of the Northern teacher education program.

  • Magazine

    School Dispatch

    Police officers are stationed in high schools across Toronto under the guise of ensuring school safety. With powers to search and arrest students, they criminalize student conduct and build mistrust and alienation among marginalized students.

  • Magazine

    Mexico’s Education Standoff

    When Mexican teachers went on strike to protest President Enrique Peña Nieto’s neoliberal education reforms, the state, backed by major financial institutions, cracked down in a bloody attempt at democratic suppression. What does the teachers’ fight signal for the future of public education?

  • Magazine

    How Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    Asking a different kind of question about the future.

  • Magazine

    Higher Education’s Silent Killer

    Audit culture makes academics more compliant and steers them away from social engagement. University faculty have a duty to resist, and doing so will require breaking some of their own habits.

  • Magazine

    A New School for Wet’suwet’en Youth

    The iCount High School on the Moricetown reserve in northern B.C. puts education back in the community, allowing youth to stay in the village instead of travelling to the school in Smithers.

  • Online-only

    Reinventing universities from below: A conversation with Alan Sears

    Universities are not designed to meet student needs and that must change.

  • Magazine

    Exploitation at First Nations University of Canada

    Sessional instructors at FNUniv, a federated college of the University of Regina, are paid less than other sessionals at the U of R.

  • Online-only

    Prairie Spring: Revitalizing the student movement in Saskatchewan

    Skyrocketing tuition fees, corporate control, and colonial collaboration are crippling post-secondary education in Saskatchewan, but students are starting to push back.

  • Online-only

    The Canadian Cult of the Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship holds no answers for the problems faced by young people today.

  • Magazine

    An Education in Gentrification

    Cuts to public services, rising housing costs, the corporatization of education, and police repression do not affect all people equally. Racialized communities like Toronto’s Regent Park bear the brunt of the neoliberal transformation of our cities.

  • Online-only

    Culture of arrogance and hypocrisy thrives in University of Saskatchewan governance

    A culture of arrogance, hypocrisy, and secrecy thrives in the governance structure of the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Magazine

    Talking about residential schools today

    We must embrace instead of dismiss uncomfortable knowledge that calls into question the framework of virtuous educators and troubled Indigenous students.

  • Online-only

    Against TransformUS: A timeline of student resistance

    Charting the student movement at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Magazine

    The neoliberal education mash-up

    What do open plan schools, standardized testing, and public-private partnerships have in common?