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    The Oil Industry’s PR Offensive

    A climate justice journalist heads to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to see how the industry is pushing its messages, and who is doing doing the heavy lifting.

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    Burn now, bury later

    As we teeter on the brink of climate disaster, we’re drilling deeper wells in a desperate attempt to put the carbon dioxide that’s warming our planet back under the ground.

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    The fight for food sovereignty on P.E.I.

    Big agribusiness corporations control the entire food supply chain – from seed to superstore – on Prince Edward Island. But small family farms are fighting back.

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    We can’t talk about reconciliation while we’re still justifying killing Indigenous people

    Colten Boushie’s killing and Gerald Stanley’s acquittal make it clear: justice has nothing to do with lip service, and everything to do with tangible action.

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    Best hometown entry of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest!

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    Saskatchewan’s Earthbound Climate Action

    In oil-producing southeast Saskatchewan, people’s doubts about climate change reflect the real economic pressures they face.

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    Exposing the Thin Roots of Prairie Protection

    Another long-standing pasture program in Saskatchewan was cut in the spring of 2017.

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    Inside Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy

    How are workers in the oil and gas industry affected by Saskaboom’s bust?

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    Who Controls the Climate Discourse?

    Do we have a problem imagining carbon neutrality?

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    Managing Sandy

    How are the devastating effects of climate crises in Cuba managed by female farmers?