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    When a disease is racialized

    The coronavirus outbreak has sparked a rise in anti-Chinese racism. What are the historical roots of this response, and how might we confront it in Canada?

  • Three people duck under or jump over subway turnstiles. Their faces are blacked out.

    Free transit is just the beginning

    It’s no coincidence that struggles over public transit are erupting across the Americas. Free transit is about an end to austerity, a refusal of police power, and a demand for decommodified and universal public services.

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    The Myth of the Age of Entitlement

    James Cairns unpacks the “entitled millennial” trope in his new book.

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    Miners, activists, and struggle in Halkidiki

    Messages from a community in northern Greece fighting a Canadian mining giant.

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    Building Power in the Face of Austerity

    Even with Brad Wall’s resignation, we’re not out of the woods when it comes to trouncing austerity.

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    Saskatchewan’s Renewed Movement Against Austerity

    How are organizers building power to resist Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s callous austerity agenda?

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    Traded for Gold

    Caving to international pressure at the height of the Greek debt crisis, Syriza approved a Canadian mining operation in the Skouries forest despite the local fight against it.

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    Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    The Saskatchewan government has circumvented the decision of the Northern teacher education program.

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    The People Power Behind #NL_Rising

    A massive anti-austerity protest in Newfoundland shed light on the hypocrisies of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Liberal government.

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    When we appeal to the logic of cost-effectiveness, I worry that our politics are not tied to a robust vision of human flourishing.