November/December 2014 cover

The work issue

A roundtable discussion on women and capitalism. A photo essay from the Philippines on Canada’s temporary foreign worker program. Infographics on a labour movement in crisis. A feature investigation on migration, automation, and labour discipline from Michal Rozworski. Equity for Ontario’s midwives. Pushing back against privatization in the prison system. A gender transition at work. Plus, an interview with Candace Savage and John K. Samson!

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    Inside and Outside of Labour

    A left without militant organized labour is all protest with no real leverage.

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    “How Do I Get to Work There Too?”

    Most of what Canadians read and hear about the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) originates in Canada and comes from politicians, employers, and professional commentators. Alex Felipe offers a view from the Philippines and calls for a new internationalism.

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    Women and Capitalism

    Feminism with class.

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    Charting a Labour Movement in Crisis

    A series of infographics.

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    Robots, Migration, and the Future of Work

    Technology and mobility should free us from drudgery, not throw us into competition for dead-end jobs.

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    The Art of the Possible

    Yutaka Dirks interviews our creative writing contest judges.

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    Justice for Midwives

    A workers’ struggle that goes to the crux of the sexual division of labour.

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    To Profit from Prisons

    The worker response to the Saskatchewan Party’s piecemeal approach to dismantling the public sector.

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    Transgendering Work

    Going through a gender transition is hard, especially when your co-workers don’t support you.