Tags – Government

  • Young Muslims and the Federal Election

    As the federal election approaches, young Muslim Canadians are leading new initiatives to engage with electoral politics.

  • The Right to Remain Compliant

    Two-tiered citizenship and Canada’s escalating war on political dissent

    On the combined impacts of bills C-51 and C-24.

  • The Responsibility to Act: An interview with Maude Barlow

    Maude Barlow stresses the need for broad mobilization from below in addition to voting to defeat the Harper government this fall.

  • “To Take the Land Away From the Children”

    The Klabona Keepers are a small group of Tahltan families and Elders in northwestern B.C. who have been taking direct action to defend their traditional territories from mining and drilling projects since 2005.

  • Daniel Ortega and the Interoceanic Grand Canal

    A planned megaproject that would dwarf the Panama Canal and split Nicaragua in two reveals much about both the Ortega regime and global capitalism today.

  • The Struggle for Access to Abortion Today

    Abortion is a safe, legal, and common medical procedure, but in the Maritimes and in northern and rural communities across Canada, there are major barriers to access.

  • Drug War Capitalism

    Book review

    Anyone seeking to understand capitalism’s evolving capacity to consolidate and extend its power must come to terms with the drug war.

  • Standing up for Medicare: An interview with Harry Leslie Smith

    Harry Leslie Smith lived through the Great Depression and WWII and he’s touring across Canada asking people to stand up for socialized medicine.

  • Beyond Holding Your Nose

    Letter from the editor

    What a politician is willing to do is never as important as what we can do together when we organize.

  • Regulatory Snarls for Small-scale Farmers

    Consumers and foodies are clamouring for ethical local foods, but some farmers are in a pickle just trying to get their goods to market.