Tags – Activism

  • The New Threat Threshold

    What Project SITKA reveals about the basis of pernicious surveillance of Indigenous activists

  • War in the Neighborhood

    Book review

    War in the Neighborhood, a graphic novel about the struggles of squatters at war with police and developers, is re-read 17 years later with fresh eyes.

  • Who Are We Marching For?

    Lessons from Vancouver’s Women’s March on Washington.

  • The End of Protest

    Book Review

    Micah White’s conclusion – that the future of efforts to change society will be a combination of electoral politics and cultural “meme warfare” – misses the mark.

  • Who Controls the Climate Discourse?

    Do we have a problem imagining carbon neutrality?

  • Joint Statement on the Criminalization of Journalist Justin Brake

    As editors, publishers, and journalists working in independent media, we condemn the criminalization of Indigenous land protectors and journalist Justin Brake.

  • Everything Goes Up But Pay

    Racialized women are at the forefront of labour’s most promising campaign.

  • Extractive Logics

    Letter from the Editor

    The capitalist extractive industrial logic sees water and land as collateral. In social justice logic, water and land are life.

  • Visions of the Future

    At the heart of all social movements is imagination. Can the genre of visionary fiction be a conduit for organizing and radically re-envisioning a just future?

  • The Intellectual Labour of Social Movements

    While the intellectual processes of movement building are often associated with charismatic leaders and catchy sloganeering, the knowledge building that changes our social world is driven by the struggles of ordinary people.