Tags – Activism

  • Infiltrated!

    How to prevent political police from undermining grassroots solidarity

    When the Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement of Ottawa was infiltrated by a police officer, organizers were left feeling betrayed and paralyzed. How did they rebuild and strengthen their movement?

  • War in the Neighborhood

    Book review

    War in the Neighborhood, a graphic novel about the struggles of squatters at war with police and developers, is re-read 17 years later with fresh eyes.

  • The New Threat Threshold

    What Project SITKA reveals about the basis of pernicious surveillance of Indigenous activists

  • Who Are We Marching For?

    Lessons from Vancouver’s Women’s March on Washington.

  • The End of Protest

    Book Review

    Micah White’s conclusion – that the future of efforts to change society will be a combination of electoral politics and cultural “meme warfare” – misses the mark.

  • Who Controls the Climate Discourse?

    Do we have a problem imagining carbon neutrality?

  • Joint Statement on the Criminalization of Journalist Justin Brake

    As editors, publishers, and journalists working in independent media, we condemn the criminalization of Indigenous land protectors and journalist Justin Brake.

  • Everything Goes Up But Pay

    Racialized women are at the forefront of labour’s most promising campaign.

  • Extractive Logics

    Letter from the Editor

    The capitalist extractive industrial logic sees water and land as collateral. In social justice logic, water and land are life.

  • Visions of the Future

    At the heart of all social movements is imagination. Can the genre of visionary fiction be a conduit for organizing and radically re-envisioning a just future?