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    Bringing back the beat

    In mainstream media, labour journalism has been replaced by financial reporting and business sections. But journalism students are raising the labour beat from the grave.

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    To avoid climate disaster, we need local media

    The climate crisis is the biggest story of our time, but it’s a story that’s extremely difficult to tell. And as corporate owners shutter local newspapers, we’re losing our best tool in understanding what climate change looks like on the ground, and our best method to empower people to fight back.

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    There’s no journalism on a dead planet

    Corporate media owners are killing local newspapers – which is making it difficult for everyday people to understand the on-the-ground impacts of the climate crisis.

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    All the ways that Canadian journalists serve the ruling class

    Over the last few years, ostensibly neutral Canadian journalists have eagerly stepped up to bat for fascist presidents, far-right blogs, and spy organizations.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Introducing the Sask Dispatch

    We’re trying out a low-cost, low-risk way to produce and publish more journalism about Saskatchewan.

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    Troubling portrait of an oil province

    Review of new film Crude Power: Oil, Money & Influence in Saskatchewan

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    Holding Out for Un-alienated Communication

    How should independent technologists and communicators respond to the corporatization of social media?

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    Feet to the Flame

    Introducing the January/February 2017 issue.

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    Joint Statement on the Criminalization of Journalist Justin Brake

    As editors, publishers, and journalists working in independent media, we condemn the criminalization of Indigenous land protectors and journalist Justin Brake.

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    Reporting on the Class Struggle

    An interview with RankandFile.ca’s Doug Nesbitt and David Bush.

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    Unpaid News

    With print news media in decline and newsrooms shrinking, Sara Tatelman investigates the role of journalism internships.

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    Five Years After the Coup

    Five years after the 2009 coup d’état, journalists, writers, and political dissidents organize in the face of continued threats and attacks.

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    Journalism with Legs

    Eking out a place for independent journalism in tough times.

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    The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail

    A shining model of what journalism as a practice of solidarity can look like.