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    We can’t talk about reconciliation while we’re still justifying killing Indigenous people

    Colten Boushie’s killing and Gerald Stanley’s acquittal make it clear: justice has nothing to do with lip service, and everything to do with tangible action.

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    States of Emergency

    In this Andrea Walker Memorial Fund winning piece, Lindsay Nixon explores what makes the colonial world risky for Indigenous peoples with HIV.

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    Feminism’s White Default

    White supremacy continues to permeate feminist organizing in Canada.

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    Art and the ones missing

    In China and in Canada, artists are finding powerful new ways to commemorate the victims of ongoing government policies and inaction, to honour the dead and the missing, and to call for accountability.

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    Walking for justice

    Following the loss of her 22-year-old niece, Gladys Radek has set out on a series of coast-to-coast treks seeking justice for the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women across Canada.