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    When a disease is racialized

    The coronavirus outbreak has sparked a rise in anti-Chinese racism. What are the historical roots of this response, and how might we confront it in Canada?

  • Sask Dispatch

    Three times P3s screwed over Saskatchewan

    As Saskatchewan shows, when you allow private companies to make bank on the backs of the public, it’s the people who pay.

  • A person with long hair walks a picket line among others, wearing a sign that says

    Alberta’s summer of solidarity

    Can Alberta’s labour movement rise to the challenge presented by the new UCP government?

  • Magazine

    A dignified death

    End-of-life doulas are gaining popularity, as people begin to resist highly-medicalized palliative care and seek a gentler, more personalized death. But will they ever be integrated into Canada’s public health system?

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    Taking your transition into your own hands

    When doctors deny trans people the right hormones or surgery, trans people will find creative ways to transition on their own terms. Winner of the 2018 Andrea Walker Prize for writing on women’s and trans people’s health.

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    Six Reasons We Need Pharmacare

    Universal pharmacare would ensure that everyone who needs medicine gets it.

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    A broad vision for reproductive justice

    Thirty years after the Morgentaler decision, reproductive rights fall short of full reproductive justice – including the freedom to have and raise children in safe and healthy communities.

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    Not in my backyard or anyone else’s

    Defending reproductive rights everywhere in the age of Trump.

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    The Struggle for Access to Abortion Today

    Abortion is a safe, legal, and common medical procedure, but in the Maritimes and in northern and rural communities across Canada, there are major barriers to access.

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    Standing up for Medicare: An interview with Harry Leslie Smith

    Harry Leslie Smith lived through the Great Depression and WWII and he’s touring across Canada asking people to stand up for socialized medicine.

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    Health Care and Immigration Policies that Kill

    Addressing the deadly intersection of unjust health care and immigration policies.

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    Immigrant Health & Social Power: An interview with Harsha Walia

    What forces shape the health of immigrants and refugees in Canada?

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    Addressing the Conservative Attack on Canadian Health Care

    What can be done about the Conservative attack on universal health care?