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    Qu’est-ce que la décroissance?

    Pour les partisans de la décroissance, il est urgent que nos sociétés rompent avec la course à la croissance économique avant que les limites biophysiques de notre planète ne nous imposent une décroissance forcée et brutale. Aujourd’hui, le mouvement fleurit au Québec.

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    The degrowth movement calls for a radical downscaling of production and consumption, in order to save us from climate catastrophe. Today, the movement is blooming in Quebec.

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    Confronting economic barriers to a just transition

    I sat down with six economists to ask them two pressing questions: first, what are the biggest economic barriers to a just transition in Canada and, second, how do we overcome them?

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Geothermal power plant to be built with $25.6 million from feds

    A major geothermal power generation facility is set to be built in Estevan, SK, Treaty 4 territory.

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    How can farmers fight back against the new NAFTA?

    NAFTA 2.0 is chipping away at hard-won policies that guard Canadian farmers from price volatility and ensure high labour and environmental standards. The National Farmers Union is fighting back – at the level of both grassroots and policy.

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    “there is a scene in smoke signals where the sad native boy cries as he pours his father over bridge into / roaring angry always been there river / and i could not help but picture myself entangling in the meander.” Poetry winner of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    A nursery tale of the sea

    “There is a Sunday quietness / to the sea with just one diseased whale with sad, ulcerous eye / and her dead calf swirling around the tepid / teacup of brown water.” Best of Regina winner of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    The war on boycotts

    Jason Kenney is borrowing from Israel’s anti-BDS playbook to take down environmentalists who threaten Alberta’s oil industry

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    The leftist’s case against the carbon tax

    It’s a fundamentally libertarian policy – and one that tends to just piss people off, not invigorate them about the possibility of a just and sustainable future.

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    Decarbonized, democratized, decolonized

    The NDP’s climate plan is too little, too late. Saskatchewan’s Just Transitions Summit brought people together to envision a more radical grassroots strategy.

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    The Oil Industry’s PR Offensive

    A climate justice journalist heads to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to see how the industry is pushing its messages, and who is doing doing the heavy lifting.

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    Checking in with the oil crowd

    The conference guidebook for the 50th annual Global Petroleum Show tells me we’re here “CELEBRATING THE FUTURE OF ENERGY.” Excuse my skepticism.

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    Burn now, bury later

    As we teeter on the brink of climate disaster, we’re drilling deeper wells in a desperate attempt to put the carbon dioxide that’s warming our planet back under the ground.

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    Something in the water

    As Canadian mining giant Goldcorp closes its Marlin mine, it’s walking away from fears of chemical contamination and deep social rifts in the once tight-knit Indigenous communities of rural Guatemala.

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    Farmer Fightback

    Amid neoliberal government policies, rampant climate change, and corporate land grabbing, the National Farmers Union continues to fight for sustainability, income security, and farmers’ dignity.

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    The Honduran Election Crisis

    Canadian capital stands to benefit from the fraudulent election of a far right-wing government that has brought down the full force of the military on Hondurans – particularly on activists like Berta Cáceres.

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    Silencing Opposition of the Site C Dam

    Protesters of the Site C dam in the Peace River Valley are facing a civil suit from both BC Hydro and the B.C. government.

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    INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

    The largest contemporary Indigenous art exhibition in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s history, INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE is framed as an act of rebellion and a revitalization of Indigenous culture that challenges dominant Western methods of artmaking and presentation.

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    Who Controls the Climate Discourse?

    Do we have a problem imagining carbon neutrality?

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    Chasing the National Energy Board out of Montreal

    An interview with activist Alyssa Symons-Belanger after her release from arrest.