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    Will the labour movement lead the charge for a just transition in Sask?

    It’s past time for serious planning in Saskatchewan toward a just transition. The question remains: will unions take the lead before it’s too late – and which union will lead the charge?

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    Student strike!

    On March 15, Regina students gathered in front of the Saskatchewan legislature building as part of a global youth action to push for concrete measures to be taken to address climate change.

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    Just transition: a vision and a plan

    Around us, we see fear and uncertainty about the world that is coming into being. This issue of Briarpatch came from a desire to articulate a hopeful vision of the future, and a plan for how to get there by addressing interwoven social and environmental crises.

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    What’s in a just transition?

    We convened a roundtable of activists from different movements to talk about what a just transition means to them, and what it looks like on the ground.

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    Bridging the gap with Saskatchewan’s coal communities

    As the Canadian government phases out coal, we set out to learn what a just transition could mean for Saskatchewan’s coal-producing communities

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    This is what Indigenous energy sovereignty looks like

    Just as Indigenous peoples are at the front line of climate impacts, we must also be at the forefront of climate solutions. This is where Indigenous Climate Action was born.

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    Decentralizing climate justice in Halifax

    Environmental organizations can sometimes act as gatekeepers of environmental work. In response, the Imagining 2030 Network is creating new connections in Halifax’s climate justice movement.

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    Transition and resistance in the Global South

    People in the Global South are least responsible for climate change historically but suffer most from its impacts. Here are four snapshots of struggles for just transition in the Global South.

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    Confronting economic barriers to a just transition

    I sat down with six economists to ask them two pressing questions: first, what are the biggest economic barriers to a just transition in Canada and, second, how do we overcome them?

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    How will we pay for a just transition?

    Should we rely on governments to provide money for the just transition, or can we build our own non-extractive economies?

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    The climate crisis calls for a planetary politics

    By this, I mean: a world democratic socialist republic

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    “We can only glimpse our future reflected in our past”

    Generations from today, a group of young activists sends a letter to a historian of the 21st century, hoping that she will be able to settle an argument about tactics. Her letter gives us a glimpse of what life is like in the 22nd century – after a just transition.

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    “In the palm of my hand, I delicately finger a pair of unfamiliar ID cards printed on worn pieces of coloured paper, yellow and salmon pink. The faded type reveals they were issued in the spring of 1941 with approval from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.” Creative non-fiction winner of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    The leftist’s case against the carbon tax

    It’s a fundamentally libertarian policy – and one that tends to just piss people off, not invigorate them about the possibility of a just and sustainable future.

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    The Oil Industry’s PR Offensive

    A climate justice journalist heads to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to see how the industry is pushing its messages, and who is doing doing the heavy lifting.

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    Burn now, bury later

    As we teeter on the brink of climate disaster, we’re drilling deeper wells in a desperate attempt to put the carbon dioxide that’s warming our planet back under the ground.

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    The fight for food sovereignty on P.E.I.

    Big agribusiness corporations control the entire food supply chain – from seed to superstore – on Prince Edward Island. But small family farms are fighting back.

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    We can’t talk about reconciliation while we’re still justifying killing Indigenous people

    Colten Boushie’s killing and Gerald Stanley’s acquittal make it clear: justice has nothing to do with lip service, and everything to do with tangible action.

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    Best hometown entry of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest!

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    Saskatchewan’s Earthbound Climate Action

    In oil-producing southeast Saskatchewan, people’s doubts about climate change reflect the real economic pressures they face.