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    Mistreated, marginalized, migrant

    Following the deaths of three workers to COVID-19, the experience of migrant farmworkers in Canada has received unprecedented media attention. As a result, workers are winning long-overdue changes to their conditions. This timeline charts the wins and losses of migrant agricultural workers in Ontario during seven months of COVID-19.

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    What is Land Back? A Settler FAQ

    Settlers have a lot of questions about Land Back: What does it mean? Who will the land be given back to? How will it be governed? Will settlers be forced to leave the continent? Brooks Arcand-Paul and Nickita Longman help clear up some of the frequently asked questions about the Land Back movement.

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    When we built the walls

    Through handshakes behind closed doors, with refugees as commodities and borders as bargaining chips, our migration system is crumbling

  • A watercolour scene of Srinagar. Fruit trees drop orange fruit on a deserted street, save for two armed soldiers with guns, who look quizzically up at the tree.

    Border poem

    On August 5, 2019, the Indian government issued a constitutional order stripping the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status. These emails between two friends in Pakistan and Kashmir present the international crisis as it unfolds in real time through the eyes of two young women.

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    In this world, a world where many worlds coexist, there would be no forced migration, no mass extinction.

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    dis place

    “I joke that I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with U.S. immigration since 2003. With the announcement of DACA in 2012, the game has shifted to legal limbo, purgatory, how low can you go?” Creative non-fiction runner-up of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    A Magazine Against Borders

    All borders rely on violence.

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    The Cost of Managed Migration

    The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has spawned a recruitment industry in Guatemala that promises workers risk-free employment in Canada, but delivers precarity and exploitation.