May/June 2017 cover

The Dam Upstream

What can donations to non-profit political organizations reveal about political involvement? Communities in Labrador are preventing a hydroelectric project from contaminating their hunting and fishing territories. The Kingston group that wants to transform prison farms into animal sanctuaries. Does corporate sponsorship affect the politics of queer film festivals? How to prevent police from undermining grassroots solidarity. Plus a book review and more.

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    Briarpatch’s Growth Spurt

    When you see the path ahead…

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    Hope, Fear, and the Donation Paradox

    Relieved not to be fighting Harper’s grim conservative agenda, many donors have pulled back from contributing to progressive organizations since Trudeau’s election. What can donations reveal about broader political involvement to keep up the struggle in seemingly more hopeful times?

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    What’s Happening to Sanctuary?

    Immigration justice activists are pressuring city councils across Canada to create sanctuary cities. Can undocumented migrants rely on promises that municipal service providers won’t co-operate with the Canada Border Services Agency?

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    The Mighty Fight for Muskrat Falls

    The Inuit, Innu, Métis, and settler communities around the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project depend on the watershed for hunting and fishing. The stakes for protecting the water just got higher and the fight is far from over.

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    The Herd at the Pen

    When Stephen Harper’s government shuttered prison farms across the country without a coherent explanation, some saw an opportunity to transform them into animal sanctuaries.

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    When the Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement of Ottawa was infiltrated by a police officer, organizers were left feeling betrayed and paralyzed. How did they rebuild and strengthen their movement?

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    Dark Matters

    Simone Browne’s book offers an excellent alternative account of modern surveillance.

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    Talking Back to the Citizenship Oath

    What is expected of people at the Canadian citizenship ceremony?

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    The Queer Film Festival Quandary

    Queer film festivals on the Canadian Prairies are being squeezed: facing scarce funding and pressures to grow, many are turning to big corporations for funding. But what happens to anti-oppressive queer politics when the purse strings are held by capitalist interests?