Illustration by Carly Bagelman

Baby book: Documenting undocumented motherhood

Editor's note, May 5, 2021: We have removed this article from our website because the author decided she was not comfortable having her story – which is deeply personal and includes details about her family – available online. If you'd like to read the article, you can find it in print by buying a copy of Briarpatch's March/April issue.

Dr. Jen Bagelman is a lecturer in geography at Newcastle University, U.K. Both her activist and academic work is committed to supporting anti-colonial environmental migrant justice. You can contact her on Twitter at @bagel_woman.

Geraldine Pratt is Canada Research Chair in transnationalism and precarious labour at the University of British Columbia, and has conducted research with the Philippine Women Centre of B.C., Migrante B.C., and the Migrant Workers Centre in Vancouver.

Tags:   black women feminism migrant justice motherhood parenting

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