Tags – Organizing

  • States of Emergency

    Confronting the erasure of Indigenous women and two-spirited people in HIV movements

    In this Andrea Walker Memorial Fund winning piece, Lindsay Nixon explores what makes the colonial world risky for Indigenous peoples with HIV.

  • You Know Something I Don’t Know

    Letter from the editor

    How can social movements draw on established resources and on the wisdom of their members to propel an ethical redistribution of power?

  • For the Long Haul

    Building social movements with one eye on the past and the other on the future

    How can we improve our social movement cultures and our relationships with each other while learning from the past and creating for the future?

  • Meeting People Where They’re At

    Four tips for activists

    An organizer’s role is to connect with new people, not alienate them.

  • What to Do About the Federal Election

    A roundtable discussion

    Radical perspectives on the federal election.

  • Election Day in Alberta – and Beyond

    Electoral politics and grassroots movement building are often at odds; significant change in Alberta will hinge on independent organizing.

  • Organizing to Win the World

    Addressing the left’s deficit of strategic thinking

    How can radical organizers and activists overcome barriers to serious strategic organizing?

  • Addressing Self-righteousness on the Activist Left

    Self-righteousness is a barrier to effective organizing and it undermines the left.

  • Inside and Outside of Labour

    Letter from the editor

    A left without militant organized labour is all protest with no real leverage.

  • Our Infrastructure of Dissent

    Letter from the editor

    Organizing ultimately comes down to building relationships.