Tags – Migration

  • The Cost of Managed Migration

    The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has spawned a recruitment industry in Guatemala that promises workers risk-free employment in Canada, but delivers precarity and exploitation.

  • Robots, Migration, and the Future of Work

    Technology and mobility should free us from drudgery, not throw us into competition for dead-end jobs.

  • “Better than Burma”

    Myanmar migrants on the margins

    A photo essay on a migrant village built in a dump in Thailand.

  • The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail

    Book review

    A shining model of what journalism as a practice of solidarity can look like.

  • The politics of precarity

    Can the Urban Worker Strategy address precarious employment for all?

    The Urban Worker Strategy proposes a sweeping suite of overdue federal policies that respond to the plight of temps, freelancers, interns, part-timers and other flexworkers who flit from gig to gig, shift to shift, contract to contract, with no guarantee of income or future work, let alone access to benefits or pensions.

  • Kwentong bayan: Labour of love

    Gangam elves

    In the Filipino language, Kwentong Bayan is the literal translation of “community stories;” and Labour of Love reflects the artists’ understanding that caregiving work – like community-based art work – is rooted in love, is valuable, and deserves respect.

  • From the ground up

    A national round table on working-class power

    During the economic expansion that followed WWII, organized labour won significant gains in exchange for embracing capitalism. Long since the crises of the 1970s, and decades into organized labour’s decline, major labour organizations still talk as if a return to that postwar compromise is possible. What can be done – what is being done – to challenge this orientation?

  • A tour of home

    Creative non-fiction honourable mention

    Home n casa1 f; (for old people) residencia f de ancianos; (native land) patria

  • A crisis in migrant health

    Migrants are bearing the brunt of health-care cuts

    In an era of cutbacks – particularly under austerity reforms like reducing migrant wages to 15 per cent below median regional incomes – a long-simmering migrant health crisis is exploding.

  • Constructed categories

    Avoiding the race to the bottom

    If labour is imagined outside of wage work and governmental categories, it gives us the tools to further a more collective struggle against the living legacies of dispossession, colonization, and exploitation.