Tags – Labour

  • compass/check/pulse point

    Book review

    Cynthia Dewi Oka’s first collection of poetry, nomad of salt and hard water (Dinah Press), drops anchor in the transoceanic struggle of bodies against borders

  • Baseball in December

    Short-fiction honourable mention

    The end of contract supper starts out like a normal meal in a normal restaurant, but then Smiley hails the waiter and the five of us closest to him realize it’s on.

  • Freshwater food security

    A profile of the Grand Rapids Fishermen’s Co-op

    Many fishers are passionately opposed to wasting fish but struggle to survive in an industry where the price paid per pound has declined over the years while costs such as gasoline, labour, and equipment have only risen. Fishers in Grand Rapids have come up with a potential solution.

  • Letter from the editor

    Precarious workers fight back

    If the trend toward casualized labour is not vigorously fought by labour activists, we can expect the working conditions of all workers to further deteriorate.

  • Interns unite!

    (You have nothing to lose – literally)

    If decent, full-time work is getting harder to come by, the same can’t be said for internships, whether unpaid or barely paid. From street protests to online campaigns, the emerging intern activism is one part of the wider effort by fresh actors to reformat labour politics for precarious times.

  • A crisis in migrant health

    Migrants are bearing the brunt of health-care cuts

    In an era of cutbacks – particularly under austerity reforms like reducing migrant wages to 15 per cent below median regional incomes – a long-simmering migrant health crisis is exploding.

  • Women take on the trades

    Newfoundland leads the way in transforming gendered workplaces

    Newfoundland is trying to encourage women to enter the professional trades. It can be a daunting challenge for a field in which women account for only 6.4 per cent of the workforce.

  • Conventions of labour

    Movement or paralysis?

    Labour movements were created by the collective dignity and expression of human beings who took risks and action against capital.

  • Left behind

    Precarious conditions for non-unionized autoworkers

    In the long term, the fate of CAW-unionized workers is going to depend on their ability to organize unrepresented parts and autoworkers. The wider the wage gap grows between unionized and non-unionized workers, the more concessions CAW autoworkers will have to endure.

  • Constructed categories

    Avoiding the race to the bottom

    If labour is imagined outside of wage work and governmental categories, it gives us the tools to further a more collective struggle against the living legacies of dispossession, colonization, and exploitation.