Tags – Health

  • Gabor Maté: On Storytelling, Health, and the Ruling Class

    Part two of Ryan Meili’s conversation with Gabor Maté.

  • Gabor Maté: How Capitalism Makes Us Sick

    An interview on health and politics

    Two physicians discuss the political economy of human well-being.

  • Anti-fascist fitness?

    The fitness industry and the obesity panic are two sides of the same coin, both signs of a serious contempt for the body – at least in its natural state.

  • Down in a Hole

    Imprisoned activist Alex Hundert on incarceration and solitary confinement

    This is the kind of place where Ashley Smith died in 2007. It is also the kind of place where Julie Bilotta gave birth on a cement floor last year.

  • When a bone breaks

    Doctors, torture, and national insecurity

    “It’s going to be very painful without the anaesthetic in your toe.” My face twists in anticipation. “Maybe we could give you something to relax a little, send you off to sleep.”

  • From abortion rights to reproductive justice

    Beyond decriminalization

    It’s been nearly 25 years since the Supreme Court decrim­inalized abortion in Canada, but the dust has yet to settle on Parliament Hill.

  • Sing, Brother

    Reflections on mental health and youth suicide prevention

    I reached Edmonton’s High Level Bridge as clusters of snowflakes clouded the sky. It was Friday night, already dark, and I was alone but for a young man in black who passed me from the opposite ledge.

  • Boiling point

    The state of (un)safe drinking water in First Nations communities across Canada

    The lack of safe drinking water in First Nations communities is just one example of the long-standing underfunding and neglect that has led to the substandard living conditions that plague First Nations communities across Canada.

  • Toward sexual self-determination

    Book review

    What You Really Really Want is a powerful tool for radically transforming how we understand and navigate the complexities of our own sexuality.

  • But we do it anyway

    Creative writing contest (hometown winner)

    I opened my eyes to find the doctor staring at me. I had been dreaming of dragonflies, filling the brightening sky and stretching their wings in the early morning sun.