• Politics

    The way we organize and allocate power — in government, institutions, movements and communities — is at the root of all injustice. From foreign policy to crime and punishment, politics are central to the exercise of authority and oppression, but also to resistance, freedom and self-determination. Here you’ll find stories on imperialism, colonization, sovereignty, migration, electoral politics, law, and the political questions being asked by movements confronting these issues.

  • Society

    Human relationships are mediated by complex systems of power and privilege that determine our access and entitlement to health, safety, employment, dignity, home and belonging. As power becomes increasingly concentrated in the dominant classes, divisions and inequality based on race, gender, class, ability, sexuality and religion, among others, are becoming more prominent. These articles look at how these systems of power operate to divide us, and how we can overcome them and work toward a common humanity.

  • Economy

    Economics ultimately concerns the forms of value generated and destroyed through our means of production and exchange. Within capitalism all things—land, water, and even human capacity or “labour”—are converted into private goods for exchange and profit. Exploitation of life and land, endemic poverty and forced migration are all manifestations of the rise of capitalism as the dominant economic paradigm. While holding industry and government to account through investigation and analysis, Briarpatch highlights the resistance struggles that open pathways to a post-capitalist future.

  • Environment

    From resource extraction to climate chaos and food sovereignty, the environment is a topic that defies human-made borders like no other. Industrial capitalism and its dependency on unhindered, never-ending growth represents a sustained assault on the Earth and its inhabitants. In this context, seekers of environmental justice have their work cut out for them. Here, you’ll find stories on agriculture, food, environmental racism, resource extraction, climate change and more.

  • Action

    Ideas are only as powerful as the action they inspire. Here you’ll find stories about people who are turning their ideas into actions, projects and movements that are working toward social justice and environmental sanity.