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  • Sask Dispatch

    What happened to the Co-op?

    The Co-op was founded on principles of equality and solidarity. But now workers and members say management is trying to run it “like a corporation.” How did we get here?

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    A letter to the editor (albeit in rhyme)

    One hundred and thirty-one days is a very long time – the members are for you every step of the way. We believe in the Co-op, and what you say: with equal work comes equal pay.

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Student strike!

    On March 15, Regina students gathered in front of the Saskatchewan legislature building as part of a global youth action to push for concrete measures to be taken to address climate change.

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Labour tensions flare on Sask University campuses

    Support workers at the University of Saskatchewan continue to bargain to keep their pensions and increase pay. Meanwhile, a collective agreement was reached in April between the University of Regina and the University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA).

  • Blog

    Quebec interns want wages, and they want them now

    The student strike is alive and well in Quebec. This week, tens of thousands of Quebec students will walk out of their classes, demanding wages for all interns.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Saskatoon Co-op strike continues

    Workers on strike at Co-op locations in and around Saskatoon have been braving sub-zero temperatures and snow on the picket lines.

  • Magazine

    Strike surveillance

    During the York University strike of 2018, workers on the picket line found themselves being watched

  • Magazine

    Where is the unions’ inspiration in the fight against Doug Ford?

    Unions are some of the only progressive organizations with the power to bring production to a halt and to stop the flow of goods and services – and they need to use their power to fight Ford.

  • Magazine

    Remembering the 1919 Drumheller strike

    “Hell’s Hole,” “the Devil’s Row,” and “the Western Front” – these were the nicknames for the coal mines of the Drumheller valley. In 1919, around 6,500 Drumheller coal miners walked off the job after voting to join the radical and militant One Big Union. Nearly a hundred years later, the 1919 Drumheller strike remains one of the most famous examples of workers’ power on the Prairies.

  • Magazine

    Showing Up for Faculty

    It was the faculty’s first strike since 1989. Predictably, the administration tried to pit the students against the faculty, but the deep relationships between students and faculty flipped the power dynamic.

  • Magazine

    Mexico’s Education Standoff

    When Mexican teachers went on strike to protest President Enrique Peña Nieto’s neoliberal education reforms, the state, backed by major financial institutions, cracked down in a bloody attempt at democratic suppression. What does the teachers’ fight signal for the future of public education?

  • Magazine

    Escalating a picket line

    Militancy and real solidarity are essential if workers are to gain leverage in labour disputes.