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    notes of joy from the margins

    What does it mean to pass or not to pass as a trans person? I am, I am, I am. 

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    Three years after leaving my family’s home and leaving the double life I was living as a closeted queer Muslim teen, I moved back. With this series, I explore how my relationship with religion, family, and my own queer identity has grown and has manifested in the atmosphere of our home.

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    brief and brazen - homo######philia in #########

    Best of Regina winner of the 2021 Writing in the Margins contest.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Mapping the connections between anti-queer, anti-trans speakers at Regina’s conversion therapy ban council meeting

    On April 28, Regina city council reviewed a city administration report proposing a ban on conversion therapy – and inadvertently gave a platform to an international network of organized anti-queer, anti-trans activists.

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    Mutual aid for the end of the world

    Conversations with disabled, trans, and racialized survivalists who are changing what it means to be a disaster prepper

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    Marvellous Grounds

    Marvellous Grounds – a new collection of writing from Between The Lines Books – rewrites the archives of Toronto’s white cis gay history to foreground the struggles and joy of queer and trans people of colour.

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    The Queer Film Festival Quandary

    Queer film festivals on the Canadian Prairies are being squeezed: facing scarce funding and pressures to grow, many are turning to big corporations for funding. But what happens to anti-oppressive queer politics when the purse strings are held by capitalist interests?

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    Home Sweet Homostead

    What’s it like to leave behind bright city lights, the gentrification squeeze, and renoviction culture for the Homostead?

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    Queer Dysphoria at Work

    A diversity statement doesn’t cut it.