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    As governments decriminalize psychedelics, companies are clamouring to gain a foothold in the market. But is the medical industry best suited to bring psychedelics into the mainstream?

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    Ingesting surveillance

    A new digital pill that tracks whether it has been ingested is poised to enter the Canadian market. But for people who are incarcerated and medicated, it threatens to expand surveillance both inside and outside prisons.

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    Health care toward liberation

    Amid the twin crises of neoliberal capitalism and COVID-19, two health-care workers ask: how do we practice health care in ways that increase people’s access to freedom?

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    The labour of care

    When the pandemic took hold in March, the nature of my work as a doctor in remote communities in northern Quebec and Ontario changed drastically. The practice of medicine is defined by coping with uncertainty, but few had experienced the scope of the ambiguity through which we lurched. 

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    Six Reasons We Need Pharmacare

    Universal pharmacare would ensure that everyone who needs medicine gets it.

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    Gabor Maté: On Storytelling, Health, and the Ruling Class

    Part two of Ryan Meili’s conversation with Gabor Maté.

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    Gabor Maté: How Capitalism Makes Us Sick

    Two physicians discuss the political economy of human well-being.

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    When psychiatry burns

    From ADHD to major depression, a family doctor takes a critical look at the power of modern psychiatry and the forces that shape it.