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    What is Cash Back? A settler FAQ

    Settlers have a lot of questions about the call for Cash Back. Briarpatch sat down with Yellowhead Institute researcher Rob Houle to learn about the movement.

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    Manufacturing Wet’suwet’en consent

    Why the Canadian government and industry are doing everything they can to avoid consulting with hereditary leadership on Wet’suwet’en yintah

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    Land as a social relationship

    The land has always been here and Indigenous Peoples have always been reclaiming parts of it. So Canada’s challenge is how to keep us off of it, and how to keep us from holding onto the idea that it’s right for us to reclaim it.

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    Making love under Indian Acts

    How can we have reconciliation if we are terminating the people whom settlers have to reconcile with?

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    Truth, then reconciliation: Aboriginal Peoples and Canada’s future

    The Canadian government continues to block steps toward reconciliation even as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s interim report is released.

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    The Meaning of Elections for Six Nations

    The conflict between the hereditary leadership and the elected band council on the largest reserve in Canada provides an education in colonialism.

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    Reclaiming ourselves by name

    The renaming of lakes, rivers, lands, peoples, and individuals by the Canadian settler state can be challenged.