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    Decolonizing ecology

    From traditional fishing technologies to bringing back the bison, Indigenous ecological practices are our best bet to save the planet – and ourselves

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    The fight for food sovereignty on P.E.I.

    Big agribusiness corporations control the entire food supply chain – from seed to superstore – on Prince Edward Island. But small family farms are fighting back.

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    Land and the Food that Grows On It

    Out of a history of colonial food weaponization emerges a thriving movement of Indigenous food sovereignty.

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    Kill, Clean, Eat, and Repeat

    Singing the praises of hunting.

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    The New Wave of Food Co-ops

    An intergenerational movement of food co-ops is emerging across Canada to create the roots of a co-operative food system.

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    Permaculture or Spermaculture?

    Women continue to be under-represented in permaculture’s dominant forms of knowledge dissemination.

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    Food Crisis in Nunavut Prompts Call to Action on January 31

    A call to action from Feeding My Family.

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    Women who dig

    The 2014 Writing in the Margins creative writing contest runner-up for creative non-fiction. Chosen by judge Marcello Di Cintio.

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    Wild rice and high water

    The majority of Canada’s wild rice is grown in the lakes of northern Saskatchewan, where changing weather and industrial development threaten the traditional harvest.