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    A remedy for climate grief

    Unearthing Justice is the handbook Canada’s environmental movement needs. Anna Bianca Roach reviews Joan Kuyek’s new book about the mining industry and its discontents.

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    Who will publish eulogies for the victims of Barrick Gold?

    On Peter Munk’s dark legacy

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    After Brazil’s Worst Mining Disaster

    How workers and activists are rebuilding their local economy in the aftermath of one of the world’s most devastating mining tragedies.

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    Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests

    In Latin America, Canada’s reach goes beyond mining, and includes political support for right-wing regimes and chilled relationships with progressive governments. Is Trudeau changing or maintaining this foreign policy?

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    Accumulation by Dispossession

    Corporations are after the resource-rich land – not sustainable, fair employment.

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    Extractive Logics

    The capitalist extractive industrial logic sees water and land as collateral. In social justice logic, water and land are life.

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    Tracking HudBay

    The film Flin Flon Flim Flam documents a bloody and violent trail of HudBay’s resource extraction practices.

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    Indigenous Farmers Confront Canada’s Goldcorp

    The Maya-Mam people of northwestern Guatemala are struggling to protect the land and water.