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    Clock me like one of your French girls

    I’ve never seen myself. I still don’t, only a peripheral glimpse: of potential, of hope, of becoming, of future.

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    We are the boat’s people

    Without the war, we would still be the boat’s people, Má. We try to find land, where the joyful people are, but we only surround ourselves with water. 

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    Art against colonialism

    An interview with the judges of Briarpatch’s 10th annual Writing In The Margins contest: Larissa Lai, Pat Kane, and Sonnet L’Abbé.

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    “To create other worlds inside this one”

    An interview with Writing in the Margins judges Gwen Benaway, Alicia Elliott, and Jalani Morgan

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    The McGill Experiments

    “After his release, he cannot listen to loud noises, cannot sleep through the night; for a long while, he believes they will still come for him.” The creative nonfiction winner of our 2017 Writing in the Margins contest.

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    November Threads

    Honourable mention, creative non-fiction, of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest!

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    Writing For These Times

    An exclusive interview with this year’s Writing in the Margins contest judges, Janet Rogers and Fathima Cader.

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    Obsidian Stone Wiya

    Creative non-fiction winner of the 2016 Writing in the Margins contest.

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    Writing Across Borders

    Briarpatch editor Tanya Andrusieczko caught up with our sixth annual writing contest judges to talk history, habits, politics, and writing.

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    Sometimes When I Think About Evan

    From the moment he could get his hands on anything – alcohol, Valium from mom’s stash, boiled nutmeg in coke, opium – Evan was out of his head.