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    When collecting CERB means losing disability benefits

    In Saskatchewan, disabled people on income assistance live off barely half of what the feds’ COVID-19 benefit promises, an amount below the provincial poverty line.

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    As millions suffer from the pandemic, who’s getting rich?

    Who’s making bank off COVID-19, and who’s fighting back? A summary of Resource Movement and Briarpatch’s webinar, “Pandemic Profiteers & the Movements Trying to Stop Them”

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    COVID-19 is raging through Quebec prisons

    Prisoners are locked in their cells 24 hours a day, with no running water and guards who refuse to wear PPE. Some are comparing federal prisons, where populations are older, to long-term care homes, the site of the province’s most severe outbreaks.

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    Collective action is essential

    From socially-distanced protests to virtual union drives, five vital signs of worker organizing during COVID-19