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    “I fear the moment when the listener decides that I am incorrect, uninformed, or too self-interested to be speaking truthfully.” A photo essay about the fear of being silenced.

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    The story of the union drives sweeping Indigo stores

    Four Indigo stores have unionized in less than five months. It’s a lesson in how workers can play the pandemic to their advantage – leveraging social media and relying on community support to fight for lasting changes in their workplace.

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    Suppress The Virus Now Coalition Statement

    Canadian governments are putting corporate profits ahead of the health and well-being of our communities. We are a network of community groups, labour groups, and individuals in Ontario, standing together to demand that our elected officials explicitly adopt the humane goal of eliminating community spread of COVID-19 – centring the needs of those most impacted by the pandemic, and by the ongoing violence of the Canadian state.

  • A letter from the organizer of the Sask. prisoners’ hunger strike

    The COVID-19 outbreak inside Saskatchewan’s provincial prisons, where three-quarters of inmates are Indigenous, is the newest development in Canada’s 154-year-long campaign of Indigenous genocide.

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    No COVID Evictions

    A six-page comic about Keep Your Rent’s tenant organizing in Toronto during eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Suppress the virus now!

    The Ontario government’s idea that we need to “learn to live with” COVID-19 is murderous abandonment of vulnerable people. Instead, the left should mobilize around a clear demand: our governments must adopt aggressive suppression of COVID-19.

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    The labour of care

    When the pandemic took hold in March, the nature of my work as a doctor in remote communities in northern Quebec and Ontario changed drastically. The practice of medicine is defined by coping with uncertainty, but few had experienced the scope of the ambiguity through which we lurched. 

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    The postmasters and the pandemic

    With more people working and shopping remotely, the rural post office is not just a quaint village fixture; it is vital infrastructure. But will decision-makers, focused on vote-dense urban Canada, pay attention?

  • A community response to COVID-19

    As lockdown eases, a group providing assistance to Elders and seniors during COVID-19 is rethinking what community support looks like during the long arc of the pandemic.

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    Roundtable on reopening Saskatchewan schools

    The controversial reopening plan for Saskatchewan public schools has seen educators, students, and parents hit the streets in protests. Four of them shared their concerns about the Sask Party’s plans with Sask Dispatch.

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    When collecting CERB means losing disability benefits

    In Saskatchewan, disabled people on income assistance live off barely half of what the feds’ COVID-19 benefit promises, an amount below the provincial poverty line.

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    As millions suffer from the pandemic, who’s getting rich?

    Who’s making bank off COVID-19, and who’s fighting back? A summary of Resource Movement and Briarpatch’s webinar, “Pandemic Profiteers & the Movements Trying to Stop Them”

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    COVID-19 is raging through Quebec prisons

    Prisoners are locked in their cells 24 hours a day, with no running water and guards who refuse to wear PPE. Some are comparing federal prisons, where populations are older, to long-term care homes, the site of the province’s most severe outbreaks.

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    Collective action is essential

    From socially-distanced protests to virtual union drives, five vital signs of worker organizing during COVID-19