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    “We have our footsteps everywhere”

    In 2018 the Kaska Dena created their own hunting permit system, to protect their land and the animals that share it. In doing so, they amplified a complex dispute between the Kaska and settler governments about who has authority over the land.

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    What’s wrong with “Milking prison labour”?

    Some clarifications about Briarpatch’s recent article about the reopening of the Kingston prison farms, and the work of Evolve Our Prison Farms.

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    Milking prison labour

    Canada’s prison farms are being reopened. But when prisoners will be paid pennies a day, and the fruits of their labour will likely be exported for profit, there’s little to celebrate.

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    The Herd at the Pen

    When Stephen Harper’s government shuttered prison farms across the country without a coherent explanation, some saw an opportunity to transform them into animal sanctuaries.