March/April 2022 cover

Censoring Canada’s state archives

What's strangling Canada's state security archives. An interview on doing research with social movements. Canada’s predatory lending crisis. Updates from Black police abolitionists on the Prairies. An interview on rooting movements in consent. Winners of our 2021 Writing in the Margins contest. Plus, a new reading list on systems change and futurity.

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    On creativity and commerce

    How do we avoid a world in which human creativity and knowledge becomes just another occasion for commerce?

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    The Deep

    If you’re like me, your path out of this prison will follow the path of grief: denial, anger, negotiation, depression. But only acceptance and behavioural modification open the Big Locked Door. The staff say you are here to get better, but you are here to mourn your illusion of sanity.

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    Three years after leaving my family’s home and leaving the double life I was living as a closeted queer Muslim teen, I moved back. With this series, I explore how my relationship with religion, family, and my own queer identity has grown and has manifested in the atmosphere of our home.

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    Research for transforming the world

    An interview with Chris Dixon on doing research with social movements.

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    Administrative sabotage

    The archives of Canada’s security state are being strangled by secrecy, censorship, and years of delays.

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    The debt engine

    Canada’s predatory lending crisis is no accident.

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    Talking consent

    An interview with Chantelle Spicer and Tashia Kootenayoo on rooting our movements in consent.

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    Looking for change after Black Lives Matter

    Nearly two years after the summer of 2020, donations and public support for Black police abolitionists on the Prairies have dried up. Meanwhile, police budgets keep growing.

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    Futurity and systems change reading list

    Future worlds and survival in a changing present gripped by the Anthropocene are on everyone’s minds, and now is the time to dream and lean into what’s coming.

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    physics lessons for settlers

    nowhere is a prison / is a psych ward / is a suicide / is a death / from ‘natural causes’ is a mass grave