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Red River Echoes

A grassroots collective called Red River Echoes is putting forward a different vision of a Métis future – one built on reciprocity, good governance, and police abolition. Plus: saving the bees means ending capitalist agriculture – no matter what corporate "beewashing" says. Opposing Doug Ford's plan to increase suburban sprawl. The surging demand for gender-affirming health care in Canada's small provinces and territories. How disabled people are being left behind in B.C.'s climate adaptation plan. A reading list for building transformative movements, and more. 

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    Reflections on winning the Fight for $15 in Saskatchewan

    In some ways, winning a $15/hour minimum wage by 2024 is a truly hopeful sign for Saskatchewan politics – and shows that even the most right-wing governments will bow to movement demands. In other ways, it’s deeply inadequate. 

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    To save the bees, we must confront capitalist agriculture

    Honeybees pollinate millions of acres of monocultured crops and produce vast amounts of honey for sale. They have become workers in the landscapes of capitalist agriculture. But they’re dying at a terrifying pace, plagued by mites, pesticides, and poor nutrition.

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    Stopping the Big Sprawl

    In southern Ontario, Doug Ford plans to convert farmland and natural areas into suburban housing. But a coalition of farmers, environmentalists, and Indigenous activists are fighting back, and asking: “Do we need sprawl at all?”

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    The People Who Own Themselves

    A grassroots collective is putting forward a different vision of a Métis future – one based on reciprocity, good governance, and anti-colonialism.

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    The growing struggle to access gender-affirming health care in rural Canada

    Demand for gender-affirming health care is surging across the country. Already facing the brunt of a primary health care crisis, small provinces and territories struggle to meet the need.

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    B.C.’s climate adaptation disability crisis

    In B.C., 2021 was one of the most extreme weather years on record. Each new crisis pulled the curtain back on an ugly truth about the province’s climate adaptation strategies: they leave disabled residents behind.

  • A group of Asian community members wearing masks and holding up signs in multiple languages with anti-trafficking messages written on them.

    Anatomy of an anti-trafficking policy campaign

    In Newmarket, Asian massage workers have been engaged in a battle with the town council, which is intent on shutting down their businesses by claiming that the workers are both disreputable criminals and sex trafficking victims.

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    A reading list for building transformative movements in so-called Canada

    Designing and building cohesive, disciplined, and transformative mass movements isn’t easy. This reading list is an offering to anyone committed to that effort.

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    A progressive response to transport costs must undo “the social ideology of the motorcar”

    Mobility is not just how we get from A to B; it is about social justice and health, housing and democracy, and the climate crisis.