Martha Paynter is a registered nurse, writer, and community organizer working in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her first book, Abortion to Abolition: Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada, will be released in May 2022 by Fernwood Publishing.

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    No more pandemic platitudes

    In her new COVID How-Not-To manual, Nora Loreto takes a month-by-month look at the first year of the pandemic – and the pro-business politicians and docile press that led to its mismanagement.

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    In Canada’s federal women’s prisons, reproductive rights are under threat

    In a new report, people inside women’s prisons explain how incarceration has impacted their reproductive health – from limiting health care access, to verbal and physical abuse, to destroying family connections.

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    Finally, New Brunswick is being sued for unlawful restrictions on abortion access

    New Brunswick’s refusal to fund clinic-based abortions is discriminatory, partisan, and simply harmful to health. A new lawsuit by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is a last-ditch effort to lift the restriction and save a Fredericton abortion clinic.