Syed Hussan is a Toronto based-activist, executive director of the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, and a member of the Migrant Rights Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @hussansk.

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    What is a migrant? And is she a revolutionary?

    Migrants are now a central part of the local working class in virtually every town and city. Organizing against capitalism involves treating migrants not as objects of charity, but as revolutionary subjects.

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    In this world, a world where many worlds coexist, there would be no forced migration, no mass extinction.

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    How do we intervene in the Ontario elections?

    Five Ontario activists on how to change the message and build resistance before and after the 2018 election.

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    The scandal of immigration detention

    The injustice of immigration detention is a national disgrace.

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    Constructed categories

    If labour is imagined outside of wage work and governmental categories, it gives us the tools to further a more collective struggle against the living legacies of dispossession, colonization, and exploitation.